Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The USS Liberty Five Decades Later

Many years ago, I was discussing the six-day war with a young Jewish college student, and he remarked:

I wish the war had lasted longer so we could have killed more Arabs.

How do you like that 'we'? Clearly, he identified with Israelis considerably more than with Americans, and that seems to be the case with far too many American Jews. Somehow, I don't think he ever got around to joining the US Armed Forces to help out in Vietnam. He would probably have been self-righteously opposed to that war.

Chances are good that even if you've been reading this blog for awhile that you've never heard of the Liberty, an American ship that was attacked by Israeli forces fifty years ago this week. The Israelis, evidently, intended to sink the ship and kill everybody aboard. [link]. So much for our gallant little ally.

Here's one account:
Infamy at Sea
Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty 50 Years Later


  1. I could make a pretty good case that we'd have a lot less problem with the Muzzle-Ums if we had had the sense to tell the Israelis to take a flying fornicate at a rolling doughnut. Like it or not, when the Israelis bomb things, we're seen as their abettors. And it's not as though Israel brings anything to the table worth having.

  2. Today on June 6th, Ike sent 10,000 men to their deaths on Omaha Beach and started bombing France. On the sixth hour of the sixth day of the sixth month. 666, that's the Amerikwan Way, boys. Those guys who shot down Messerschmidts in their Spitfires. Never have so many Muslim Rapists raped so many English girls because of so few Cuckolds. The USS Liberty like Pearl Harbor was bombed by Nazi Saboteurs and their enablers, like Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford. Only with Goldstein and his Five Minutes of Hate, do we have the high levels of Anti-White Rape we call Freedom.
    One Country, based on the proposition that the poor, hungry, diseased and stupid savages can do the rapes that White Men are blamed for. Nationalism is a dirty word. With nasty things like science and reality that back it up. Here in the smoldering ruins of the West, we celebrate Cuckold who freely give their wives and daughters to Foreign Invaders to breed the dysgenic retards that ensure that the future will be Diseased Mudholes and not that racist Space Travel and Exploration Sheeit.
    Gawd bless Sneezy Blue Lips and the nWo. The Amerikwan Empire may be in a downward spiral, but the High Crime of Noticing will stop Reality at what's left of the door kicked off the hinges. Our unhinged goobermint is broke, but IOUs are cheap. Only paid with White Blood and the rapes of White girls.
    Makes Satan Proud.

  3. What's up ex-Army? You haven't been posting much the past couple of months. Health problems? Vacation? Stress relief? The reason I asked is because over the past couple of months, a couple of sites I visited regularly cut back on posting, and then I see an obituary. Like Bob Whitaker.

    1. Health problems, indeed. A few trips to ER for nothing terribly serious, but that sort of activity slows everything else down. You mean Bob Wallace? Yes, a great loss to us all, and untimely. I never did get him to explain what his problem was with Evolutionary Psychology.

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    3. Oops. You didn't mean Bob Wallace. I didn't know abou Whitaker: http://www.thepoliticalcesspool.org/jamesedwards/bob-whitaker-has-passed-away/

    4. Bob Wallace was another one. But no, I did mean Bob Whitaker, he of the "Anti-Racism means Anti-White" mantra. He was a Reagan appointee and has an interesting history. Check him out. You may find him under both Robert and Bob Whitaker.