Friday, April 21, 2017

Libertarian Nationalism — Rockwell on von Mises

In case you missed it, I call myself a "libertarian nationalist," instead of just "libertarian" because the SJWs (liberals) seem to have taken over the Libertarian Party and most public expressions of libertarianism. Since nationalism is the sine qua non of libertarianism, or, indeed, any meaningful degree of freedom, those who reject nationalism are opposed to liberty, whether they think deeply enough to realize it or not.

One libertarian who does not reject nationalism is Lew Rockwell, and here [link] he writes about Ludwig von Mises, another libertarian who also didn't reject it:

Mises on Open Borders

Joe Salerno’s brilliant and comprehensive article, “Mises on Nationalism, the Right to Self-Determination, and the Problem of Immigration” shows that Mises rejected the extreme anti-nationalist, open borders position.
As Salerno shows, Mises supported “liberal nationalism,” one of the most important political movements of the 19th century. For him, the choices of individuals were bedrock.   People belonging to a single language community did not want to be ruled by those who spoke a different language. They wanted to form nations in which they could govern themselves.
As Mises said, “[T]he nationality principle includes only the rejection of every overlordship; it demands self-determination, autonomy. Then, however, its content expands; not only freedom but also unity is the watchword. But the desire for national unity, too, is above all thoroughly peaceful. . . . [N]ationalism does not clash with cosmopolitanism, for the unified nation does not want discord with neighboring peoples, but peace and friendship.”
Why did people want self-rule? Otherwise, they would be dominated by those who spoke another language. They would be like colonial people ruled by an oppressive empire. Because the ruling class spoke another language, minority groups were doomed to be outsiders looking in.
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Quibcag: Illustrated by Nyotalia mascots for some of the more prominent nations from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア).

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  1. It is instructive to note how the Libertarian Party has been coopted and is now just a stooge for those that rule. I remember in the 1980's reading Reason and Ayn Rand. Libertarians truly espoused freedom from government without resorting to anarchy. It truly offered a third alternative to the Republicrats and the Demopublicans. It never really went anywhere or did anything. Now it actually wants a centralized government to enforce open borders, integration, one world government, and perpetual war for perpetual peace. The neutering of the Libertarian philosophy is proof that politics is rigged and the only way for true change is armed revolution. Unfortunately.