Friday, April 28, 2017

Defining "Diversity"

On a discussion board around the corner, the word "diversity" is being argued about. Sort of. One commenter said, basically, that diversity is about things like cuisine and similar customs that can be easily incorporated into other cultures without a problem. I replied that it's better to state that diversity should be limited to such things, but that it's not. And it's a word that has to be defined whenever it's used, lest one be misunderstood. In practice, "diversity" has come to mean that third-world savages can move into the West and do whatever they damn please, rape just being one cultural heritage we're getting a taste of here and in Europe.

The fact is that our globalist/liberal/neocon masters want us to think diversity is about felafel and sushi and the occasional funny hat, so that maybe we won't notice that the raping and murdering and rioting is on the rise all over the place, very much in proportion to the number of third-world immigrants we welcome in. They'll do or say anything they can to obfuscate the actual results of such immigration.

Matt Bailey, as he always does, sizes up the situation succinctly and clearly:
Guest post by Matt Bailey:

A bunch of White, Western European Christians with slightly different languages but basically identical cultural values who perforce all assimilate into an American culture isn't really all that "diverse". We tend to think it is because of Eurocentrism, but now we are being asked to try REAL diversity, importing people who don't have Socrates, Aristotle, Christ, John Locke etc in their culture past. And so far, it looks like a nation with real diversity is precisely as efficient as a boat that oarsmen are trying to row in all different directions.

The problem is that Americans are ignorant enough to think/have been conditioned to think that diversity consists entirely of food/clothing/funny accents and that everyone is an American deep inside. They don't realize that there is very real global diversity of feeling/thinking on the propriety of raping un-escorted "immodestly dressed" females or blowing up ancient monuments because they are "graven images" etc. That's how you get people who think the Iraqis will welcome Western democracy or that France can still be France after taking in all of North Africa.

Another commenter replies:

Diversity is in things like whether you retire with your children, what your duties to your parents are (and whether you have a duty to your parents to get married to someone of the opposite sex and have children of your own). Diversity involves whether you work for someone else or whether your businesses are all tied to households.

But to the Left, these are the things to liberate everyone from, into the arms of corporations. That way diversity can be reduced to a choice of whether to eat Mexican food or Chinese food.

Diversity is also whether or not torturing and eating dogs or sexual relations with prepubescent boys is acceptable. If you don't want those things in your country you have to forbid importation of cultures that practice them.

Well yes, I imagine ordinary citizen globalist types do imagine that with the importation of Syrians they'll get Middle Eastern cuisine and music or something but *not* get the same barbarism that makes Syria into the kind of place that people want to flee. They are mistaken of course. As for globalist leaders, it's hard for me to believe they are that blind to the obvious thus one tends to assign to them more nefarious motives.

Even some relatively innocuous diversity can result in inefficiencies equivalent to oarsman trying to row a boat in different directions. Western handsaws cut on the pushstroke, Japanese saws on the pull stroke. No one is "right" or "wrong" here, but having to have a diverse carpentry shop could result in some zany sub-optimal results.
Quibcags: The first is illustrated by Kagura and her alien dog Sadaharu, of Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama, lit. "Silver Soul"). The second by a character from some anime, I forget which, who is actually named "Mithra." The last is illustrated by characters from Nichijou (日常).


  1. Yeah it is funny how clueless SWPL people say they love diversity because they could never picture themselves going without Chinese or Mexican takeout. What they don't know, is that many of those places grab stray dogs and cats off of the street and will pass that off to the unwitting customer as some sort of chicken or beef meal. What they don't know can't hurt them, right? LoL

  2. in a town near here many dogs were missing...traced to chinese restaurant.
    the dogs were murdered and sold and served as food.

    northeast ohio

  3. I live in Texas. Most of the Chinese restaurants here use Mexican help. I guess if Mexicans can cook Chinese food, maybe the Chinese could cook Mexican. I bet even White people could cook both.