Friday, March 10, 2017

The Feminization of Everything

Not all that much of an exaggeration. You could say it started, or took a big jump, with the enfranchisement of women — the great accomplishment of the suffragettes. I had a blog post the other day on the problem of male v. female rule [link], with the conclusion that, bad as it may be, male rule is vastly superior to female rule. Males, you see, evolved from many, many generations of hunters, and they had to establish a hierarchy to make hunting work. And so evolution selected males for their ability to form hierarchies and function within them. Hierarchies of males, adult males, so males concentrate on rights that other males must respect and duties that are owed to  others. But females evolved to administer families — children and other, younger females. And administer them in all respect, from teaching them to walk and talk to running their hygiene. A quite different skill set than the hunters'. Women, then, are concerned about caring and self-esteem and other things that are quite necessary at the family/children level, but which are toxic obsessions at the sociopolitical level.  So a feminized politics is a degenerate politics that is self-destructive and not long for this world, because it'll be replaced by masculine politics. That's what's happening in Europe, you know. The nice ladies and feminized men who run many of the countries there — Germany and Scandinavia most prominently — are arranging for their own replacement by ultra-male barbarians from the Muslim and African world.

And speaking of that, caring is a female thing, and when did we first hear about politicians and whether they cared or not about one thing or another? It seems to me that it got started in a big way with Bill Clinton, who cared and cared and felt our pain. And he's a great example of the feminized male, who is either outrageously promiscuous or psychologically castrated. One guess which one Bill is. The male equivalent if "caring" is "doing one's duty" or "doing one's job." Trump is accused of not caring, which is fine with me, as long as he does the duty/job thing. A President could care like mad and do a lousy job, which seems to be okay with a certain type of woman. And "caring" is so important to women/feminized men that they care about anything, including stray cats and useless, malignant immigrants. If you don't want Tsarnaevs and Farooks, they accuse you of not caring. And when the immigrants kill some people, the care-ers are off letting some more in and don't want to hear about it.

And TV commercials. I saw two in a row the other day about how goddam dumb White heterosexual males are. One was that cutesy insurance commercial where the little girl sets her stupid dad straight using an adult male Negro's voice — don't buy any insurance from that outfit. And the other was still another insurance commercial where the smart woman rakes her stupid White male heterosexual husband over the coals for having said that men drive better than women. Feminized commercials in the worst sense.

Finally, restaurants are getting feminized. Where we used to have nice waitresses, we now have metrosexual waiters describing the patty melt. Not for male diners, for the most part, but for female ones. And what's on the menu? Sweet tea, for crying out loud. Tea was meant to be bitter. Is it the female sweet tooth that's driving this? And I got a salad the other day with cranberries on it, of all things? Another thing that's not meant to be sweet is a salad. Might as well pour powdered sugar all over it. And when you ask for a cup of plain coffee at Starbucks, they look at you like you're some kind of troglodyte. Don't you want some syrup in it? Some goddam herb from Guatemala? M&M's?

I'll go lie down now.
Quibcag: Illustrated by the gang from Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama, lit. "Silver Soul"), in drag.


  1. A lot of women like gay men because they can have male interaction without having to fend off endless plots to get them into bed.

  2. The idea that "let them in" female could dare to look at me (a man) like that feels me with rage.