Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Art of the Icon of Sin

This quibcag deserves to be full-size. The illustration is by the Icon of Sin [link], who does very nice, shall we say, right-wing or alt-right work on Deviantart. Go there and praise it. And encourage more such. 

To riff off the quote — and if you don't recognize the name, do google — this is the most compact and convincing statement of its sort that I've ever come across. It pretty much knocks most popular ideologies into a cocked hat, from libertarianism to neoconnery to liberalism. And it demonstrates that any other system of thinking is going to lead to a collapse. Can anybody out there refute that?


  1. "In America, you sacrifice for others. In Aztec Mexico, others sacrifice you!" --as Yakov Smirnoff would say...

  2. Civilization is a social construct based on the honor system in a resource scarce world. It only takes one person acting in and only for their self interest to fuck it up for everyone else.

  3. George Lincoln Rockwell may have been insane, but insane =/= stupid. He said a lot of things that made a lot of sense. If he hadn't had that idiotic fixation on the Third Reich, he might have got somewhere.

  4. Technomad, I don't think he was insane. You have to take into account that he died fifty years ago, and to him the 3d Reich wasn't history, but basically current events. In a way, it made more sense to be a Nazi in his day, because a lot of what we now "know" about the Nazi regime hadn't become the conventional wisdom yet. It's worth googling his name and "quotes."

    1. Trying to start a mass movement in the US using Nazi regalia, uniforms and things like that was arguably insane. To 99% of Americans, those things are an instant turn-off...and the people who are attracted all too often have massive problems that make them very difficult to use.