Thursday, March 16, 2017

Populism at the expense of liberty is no populism at all.

Guest post by Kuma Gogatsu:

One of the worst aspects of Socialism is the notion that we can take away free speech and thereby somehow make things better.

This has been tried again and again, particularly egregiously in Europe these days. The best example of this is Sweden. Tim Pool does a bang-up job talking about this after his visit to Sweden recently. There's plenty of information out there about him and plenty of journalistic hit pieces written about it.

The tl;dr verison of Tim Pool is very simple. Paul Joseph Watson challenged journalists to go to Sweden to prove or disprove Donald Trump's comments about the horrible things happening there and Tim Pool stepped up to the plate. Other journalists were referring to what Donald Trump said as 'fake news' and insisted that he not go to Sweden. Tim Pool was baffled by the notion of journalists being discouraged to disprove a story through facts. He went. The conclusion?

Donald Trump was right.

Full video HERE of Paul Joeph Watson interview with Tim Pool afterwards:

If you don't have time to watch the video, the biggest takeaway for me was one simple thing that happens in Sweden that is part of Socialism with a capital S. If you post something inflammatory on Facebook, the government doesn't try to find you. No. The journalists, the newspapers, the media try to find you and get your face on camera. After that point, they make sure the government knows about your hate speech and you face up to two years in prison for it. Sometimes more, if you give too much evidence.

Now, someone might argue that Swedish prisons are so luxurious. That's a terrible argument when your rights are nonexistant. That's a terrible argument when you have mouths to feed and suddenly you're yanked from your job because you spoke out about wanting to protect your family. That's a terrible argument when every other form of Socialism ever practiced didn't actually have utopian luxurious prisons.

Beneath the surface of every notion of wonderful Scandanavian allure lurks the reminder that a viking wouldn't put up with any of this shit for two seconds. Nor would a Christian knight.

Modern Communists and Socialists have this notion of policing speech too. They think that it'll make things oh so much better by policing it, controlling it, advocating for it. There is this notion that privilege and identity politics has something to do with why we should be policing it because those voices are silenced.

We currently live in a nation where the nephew of a prominent rapper belonging to a minority group is able to tweet about pimping out the President's wife and get away with no criminal charges.
Thankfully, we also currently live in a nation where everyone can criticize a man who runs for public office repeatedly but we can't criminally charge him for the words that he says while he's running for President. Or even before he ran for President. Unlike France.

This is exactly why Communism and Socialism are bad. Populism at the expense of liberty is no populism at all.

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