Tuesday, March 14, 2017

MIddlebury — Mao would be proud

No, the leftist thugs at Berkeley and Middlebury, etc., aren't "acting like fascists." What they are doing is asking for fascists to materialize and set them straight. Fascists, you see, didn't go around shutting down freedom of speech with violence. Fascists showed up to fight leftists who were shutting down freedom of speech. It's only a matter of time, snowflakes, until by your behavior you bring into existence your right-wing counterparts, so to speak, who will send you to the hospital.

As for your charming shouts of "Hitler" at anybody and everybody who disapproves of your destructive agenda, remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Maybe you jerks should stop crying "Hitler" before it's too late. But I hope you keep doing it until it's too late.

Anyhow, for those of us on the Real Right, your Hitler accusations have real utility, because you're helping us by pointing out who of our group is being the most effective at opposing you, by calling him "Hitler." Then we know who our best spokesmen are.

Greg Cochran reacts to Middlebury here [link].

SBPDL, in a slightly different take, says this [link]:

Charles Murray Attacked at Middlebury College by Anti-Mob White because he Failed to Mention 'Hidden Figures' Black Heroines in his book on Apollo Program

Before Charles Murray wrote The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, he wrote Apollo: The Race to the Moon

Curiously, Katherine Johnson nor any of the black women featured in Hidden Figures were mentioned in Murray's book. 

This is far, far more racist and egregious than writing anything about race, hereditary, and genetics in The Bell Curve

Thus, the underlying reason for the attacks on Murray at Middlebury College all revolve around his failing to note in his book on NASA and the Apollo program that it was actually black women who were responsible for every gain we made in the race to the moon. [Middlebury Professor Assaulted, Injured While Escorting Conservative Speaker, ZeroHedge.com, 3-3-17]:

Keep reading here: [link].

Vox day's [link] reaction is here:

SJW thugs injure professor

Violent anti-speech SJWs attack Charles Murray and Middlebury College professor: 
Middlebury College Professor Allison Stanger was injured by protesters Thursday evening as she was escorting a controversial speaker from campus. She was treated at Porter Hospital and released.

Charles Murray, a political scientist who has been criticized for his views on race and intelligence, was invited to speak on campus by a student group. He was greeted late Thursday afternoon outside McCullough Student Center by hundreds of protesters, and inside Wilson Hall, students turned their backs to him when he got up to speak.

College officials led Murray to another location and a closed circuit broadcast showed him being interviewed by Stanger, the Russell J. Leng ’60 Professor of International Politics and Economics.

As Stanger, Murray and a college administrator left McCullough Student Center last evening following the event, they were “physically and violently confronted by a group of protestors,” according to Bill Burger, the college’s vice president for communications and marketing

Burger said college public safety officers managed to get Stanger and Murray into the administrator’s car.

“The protestors then violently set upon the car, rocking it, pounding on it, jumping on and try to prevent it from leaving campus,” he said. “At one point a large traffic sign was thrown in front of the car. Public Safety officers were able, finally, to clear the way to allow the vehicle to leave campus.
This almost makes me want to do a college speech tour, accompanied by dozens of armed, trained VFM. The Right needs to stop playing victim and start imposing its will. Remember, if they're not calling you Hitler, you're not even trying.
Quibcags: #1 illustrated by a girl from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)  and the other two by random illustrations I found on the net.

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