Thursday, March 2, 2017

Imagining No Borders, No Nothing, Bupkes!

Boy, am I sick of preening self-styled "libertarians" who are nothing more than useful idiots for the neocon/liberal establishment. You see, we've had a bit of an electoral revolt, and we seem to have elected a President who doesn't want us overrun by incompatible third-worlders, unlike the last few Presidents. And the Establishment, or, as I like to call it, the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) is having hissy fits over the whole business, because it wants us overrun by incompatibles, because an ethnic-hodgepodge country is much easier to run than an actual nation.

And you persuade people to go along with the mass immigration policy with the looney-bird concept of a "Proposition nation." As Vox Day says in the quibcag, there's no such thing, no matter how many times the neocon/liberal/libertarians blather on about it and quote Emma Lazarus (a proto-Zionist) and think of Ellis Island instead of the Founding Fathers.

And the Founders thought of themselves as British. Indeed, the Revolution was about asserting their rights as Englishmen. Then when they achieved independence, they regarded themselves as an independent branch of Britain. The closest they came to a "proposition" was to allow immigration by White Europeans who wanted to become Englishmen.  They knew very well that most of the human race would be incompatible with the American nation. That's why it took them so long to declare native Amerinds American citizens. That's why they outlawed immigration from China.

And here's a delightful little video explaining what's wrong with open borders, with particular regard to the ditzier libertarian theories:

One person who doesn't believe in "propositional nations" is Marine Le Pen. Here she takes Angela Merkel, who does believe in them, to pieces:

Vox Day has more to say than just the quibcag on the subject here:

Germany has Magic Dirt too

Angela Merkel announces that standing on German ground is sufficient to make one a member of the Volk:
Read his article here:

And on the same subject, Steve Sailer is at his most snarky here:

From the Los Angeles Times:
by Brian Bennett
Behind President Trump’s efforts to step up deportations and block travel from seven mostly Muslim countries lies a goal that reaches far beyond any immediate terrorism threat: a desire to reshape American demographics for the long term and keep out people who Trump and senior aides believe will not assimilate.
“Reshape American demographics!!!” Whoever heard of such a thing? It’s completely unethical for a political party to use immigration policy to try to reshape American demographics to win future elections.

Read the whole thing here:
Quibcag: Illustrated by mascots of many countries from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア). Do they look "propositional" to you?"

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