Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Good Fences, etc.

One point I've tried to make here in many different ways is that once we advanced past tribal organization, the optimum system for human beings is a system of nations. Individuals are too weak to defend themselves against coalitions. Tribes are too weak to defend themselves against coalitions of tribes, i. e., nations. And nations alone are powerful enough to defend their constituent individuals from empires or, perish the thought, world government, whatever it calls itself — "globalism" is popular right now.

You can't be a citizen of the world, any more than you can be everybody's spouse. Divided loyalties aren't loyalties at all.

Stuart Schneiderman [link] has this to say about it:

Nationalists vs. Internationalists

Somehow or other we have been lulled into thinking that we must all become idealists and that our idealism should trump our patriotism.

We have been told, by thinkers on the left and right, that America is an idea and that belief in this idea is essential to becoming a citizen. I have variously offered my view that a nation is not an idea. A nation has borders and it has citizens. Some people belong. Others do not. Belonging has to mean something more than sharing a state of mind or believing in a bunch of dogmas. You cannot belong a nation while identifying yourself as a citizen of the world.

In two columns George Friedman—the only Friedman worth reading these days—has used slightly different terms. By his lights liberal democracy cannot exist outside of a defined nation. But, he does not see liberal democracy as an ideal. He sees it correctly as a set of practices. Historically, liberal democracies replaced monarchies. They could not have done so, Friedman argues, without a strong sense of nationalism, that is a sense of belonging to a nation.

Read the rest here:

And Chateau Heartiste [link] says that when you eliminate borders, you get more borders, because it's a human thing. 

Dear Sh*tlibs, A Hall Monitor Is A Border Monitor On A
Smaller Scale

Recall a CH maxim about national borders: If you dissolve a nation’s borders, a million smaller borders
will take its place.
See, for example, any 7-Eleven check-out bulletproof plexiglass.
Borders are a feature of human nature. We want them, and if one disappears, another must rise. It’s the Law of Conservation of Border Control. We have a national border, or we have a lot of gated communities. Either way, borders win.
Which brings me to a tragicomic sidebar to that Rockville Rapefugees horror story. From the world’s newspaper of record, the Daily Mail,
Gboyinde Onijala, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Public Schools, said that staff at Rockville High will increase monitoring of the bathrooms.
First……Gboyinde Onijala.
Gboyinde Onijala.
In Rockville, Maryland, USA.
Second, the bathroom monitoring. Libs really love monitoring. Hall monitors, bathroom monitors….this is how sh*tlibs ensure a “safe school environment” without really doing a goddamned thing. Hey, libs, here’s a thought: how about monitoring your nation’s border so that you don’t have to creepily monitor your schools’ bathrooms for potential kidnappings and rapes by Squatemalan enrichment?
The lesson for libs is this: you can virtue signal to your black hearts’ content about open borders to the trash world, but if you eradicate national borders all you’re doing is creating pressure to move those borders inland and multiply them to protect your local fiefdoms. Think on it.
Bathroom monitoring. Ah, yes. When traditional limits like borders and basic morality are sneeringly cast aside, they end up being replaced by bathroom monitoring and rigid rules of political correctness. And speaking of the Rockville atrocity, where are the feminists on this one? AWOL, that's where they are. Now, if a Black prostitute had accused a White frat boy, the feminists would be rioting in the streets. A 14-year-old White girl raped by Central American illegals, not so much, because that doesn't really jibe with the modern feminist narrative.
Quibcags:  The first is illustrated by Hatsune Miku 初音ミク), sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune., and the second by —I think her name is Yui — from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!) .

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  1. Gated Communities are SEGREGated Communities.