Friday, February 24, 2017

The Semi-Triumph of the Alt-Right

Well, we won with Trump. Sort of, at least. Oh, the fall of Hillary and Jeb before the Trump juggernaut is a definite win for us. That's two hideous dynasties down and gone, we hope. But is Trump's election a win in itself? I would say yes, almost definitely. Trump has followed through, as much as is possible, with his promises to do something about our idiotic immigration policies, and his implicit promise to restore nationalism.
Nationalism, of course, has been pretty much scorned or denounces outright by every President since Reagan, and our immigration system has been self-destructive since 1965, when Ted Kennedy's bill welcomed everybody on earth to immigrate except Europeans.

But when you win, what happens? Everybody wants on the bandwagon. All the neverTrumpers among the Republicans want to join up somehow with the Trump administration, even as they attempt to undermine its policies. Some, of course, "sincerely" join up, meaning that they put on Trump's policies like a new pair of shoes, ready to discard them when it becomes prudent to do so.

But that's not entirely a bad thing. That's the way political movements work. In 1860, there was a whole spectrum of opinions concerning slavery, emancipation, recolonization, nationalism, federalism, states' rights, etc.  When the war broke out, there were only two positions of note — unionism and secessionism. Right now it's gelling into Trump and anti-Trump. The middle ground is disappearing as its inhabitants move one way or the other.

The danger to us is that Trumpism will be diluted by the same old same old from the Republicans and the faux conservatives among them — McCain and Graham are particularly egregious examples. This would of course diminish the Alt-Right and replace it with the Alt-Lite, which, as Thrasymachus puts it, is just William F. Buckley all over again. Buckleyism of course wrecked conservatism, largely by purging its ranks of some of its most effective thinkers, such as Sam Francis and Joseph Sobran. Pat Buchanan was among the last to be thrown under the bus by Buckley.

And here's what Thrasymachus has to say, from his site here [link]:

The “Alt-Lite” Is Just Buckley All Over Again

A process that is strange on the surface, but totally predictable and understandable if you have seen it before, is the emergence of the “Alt Lite”, as I believe Hunter Wallace has dubbed it, a new political movement that supports Trump, adopts many nationalist positions, but rejects racism, sexism, anti-semitism, and homophobia.
First of all, this is a classic Jewish move. Prominent “Alt Lite” figures are Mike Cernovich and MILO. Jews don’t come up with new ideas and movements, they look for ones that are up and coming and worm their way in and take over. Trump of course did this with nationalism- which who knows may be proof he’s controlled by Jews- and then the Alt Lite did it with Trump specifically, and nationalism more generally.
What this also reflects is the history of the modern conservative movement. Leftism came to power in the US in the 1930’s, and by the 1950’s people were a little sick of it. A strong backlash against cosmopolitan socialism and the control of urban elites, Jewish, Puritan and Quaker, developed.
This kind of thinking had been culturally marginalized since the 30’s as small-minded, provincial, and mean-spirited. Everybody knew that cosmopolitan socialism of one kind or another- Soviet communism in the more benighted places, social democracy in the West- was the way to go. Communists and Western socialists regarded each other as fellow travelers, each believing themselves the senior partner
The Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe however angered a lot of people. They wanted to know why and how communists had such strong influence in the federal government.
TPTB couldn’t really just blow this off, because Soviet rule was far from democratic, and obviously cruel and unjust to all but the most committed. Politicians like Joseph McCarthy and organizations like the John Birch Society demanded to know who the communists were and what they were doing.
As English-speaking society does, this was deflected as a matter of social taste. To ask these questions was framed as being gauche and cruel. A few good-hearted folks may have been involved with the Communist Party years before, but why ruin their lives with reckless accusations? The term “smear” came to be used. All the best people agreed these questions were not to be asked.
Trouble was, as we know from the Venona transcipts, the US government was chock full of communists sympathizers, Party members, and actual Soviet agents. But it was not socially appropriate to say so.
People still wanted to be conservative though, and William F. Buckley came up with a solution. Form a conservative movement free of the cranks, soreheads and conspiracy theorists of the hinterlands and make it an urbane, gentile movement of Manhattan intellectuals.
This movement was still anti-communist, but dropped the idea that anyone in the US was a communist activist. It was still racist, sexist, and homophobic- this was the 50’s, after all- but not anti-semitic, because this was also socially handicapping by that point.
In rapid order, the left defined racism as socially unacceptable- and conservatives dropped it. Then sexism, then homophobia. As we know now, National Review has always been in favor of gay marriage!
If you want to oppose the corrupt system, but don’t want to be one of the weird kids, then the Alt Lite is for you!
Trouble with all this is that racism, sexism, anti-semitism, and homophobia are all true. Any ideology that does not put objective reality first is not going to work. Conservatism crippled itself by wanting to be socially acceptable first, and true second.
The Alt Lite, just like modern mainstream conservatism, is fundamentally just another form of liberalism and as such can’t compete with the real thing. National Review and William F. Buckley conservatism lasted around sixty years, but the Alt Lite isn’t even a movement, it’s just a pose. MILO is gone, and the rest will not last too much longer.
The original is here:
Quibcags: The first is not an actual quibcag. We've taken one of Baloo's old cartoons and inserted Pepe into it. Will she kiss the Alt-Right frog, or will she opt instead for the Alt-Lite? The second is a Matt Bailey quote illustrated by Asuka Langley Soryu of Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese新世紀エヴァンゲリオン HepburnShin Seiki Evangerion?, literally "Gospel of a New Century"). It is a good description of how and why Trump had so much support from core America. And the James quote in the third describes the other side, that variously calls itself liberal, progressive, and even conservative, sometimes. James' term is the most accurate, of course. It's illustrated by a still from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女 Toki o Kakeru Shōjo).


  1. Anyone who tells you to sacrifice yourself for people who hate you for things you didn't do is either a traitor or a nut. You need not bother to find out which. Some Christians seem to believe that Christ being a Martyr means you have to be too. These suicide cult fake christians can go elsewhere for their heroic fantasies of dying for someone else. Suicidal people are far more dangerous to you than to themselves.
    Nationalism is great for anyone except Whites. That's about as consistent as Anti-White haters will ever get. There are excuses, fake history, guilt trips, false moralizing and straight out hatred, but it comes down to this. Who are you? What are you to me? Do you believe I won't kill you for threatening me because you have some bad sob story of ancestors you don't know the names of? Because that'll be the last mistake you and your "people" ever make sport. I don't care about your ancestors. I don't give a shit about you. My ancestors are important to me, and you not at all.

  2. Pepe And The Princess: BEST. CARTOON. EVER!

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