Friday, February 24, 2017

Put YOUR Oxygen Mask on FIRST!

Guest post by Hana Noredi:

Donald Trump's slogan "America First" is appropriate. However much his choice of words reminds one of a particular time in America's history and  the connotations of Lindbergh's speech in Iowa, the idea and sentiment behind "America First" is healthy and logical. 

What does the flight attendant mention in the pre-flight instructions? If use of oxygen masks is deemed necessary PUT YOURS ON FIRST before you begin to help anyone else with theirs. 

Women today talk about self-care. De-stress, put on a masque, get a massage, drink a power shake, take a vacation, turn off your cell phone. Take care of yourself before even beginning to nurture, help. or solve the problems of others.

That is what the Donald is saying. The citizens and government of the United States--we--must pull ourselves together, execute the laws already in place, analyze what needs to be done before we can help out any non-citizen. If that means proclaiming a moratorium on immigration and building a wall to suspend infiltration by unlawful means then so be it.
Quibcag: Illustrated by a stewardess pic I found randomly on the net.

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  1. the problem with women is that nothing comes after self care. there is always something else they are then in hysterics over that needs their attention.