Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Progressives and their Agenda

Ah, 'progressives.' No, they're not the same at all as the Progressives of the Progressive Era, like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, LaFollette and the like. Those guys were practically philosopher kings compared to the current bunch.

Today's progressives are masses of bluepillers [link] led by a bunch of cynical, manipulative types who don't believe a word of the nonsense themselves, but who recognize it as an excellent ideology to keep their followers in line. Stalin, Mao, and Castro spring to mind. And some are much more inept, like Hillary. You might say there are three groups: the followers, who swallow the agenda and narrative whole (Orwell's Proles); the lower cadre, who know that much of the ideology is phony, but they believe it's leading in the right direction (Orwell's Outer Party); and then you have the leaders at the top — the Clinton and Bush families, practically everybody in Congress, and big fat cat capitalists like George Soros (Orwell's Inner Party).

And now, here's a nice speech on the progressives by Stephen W. Browne. Stephen's blog is here:

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  1. I have always hated the term progressive as a substitute for liberal. Why? Because it sounds like a compliment. How could anyone in their right mind be against "progress"? And the right has conceded this to them. You need to point out that someone that walks off a cliff is making progress....until they hit the bottom. Instead of progressive, I prefer the title "mindless douchebag".