Thursday, February 9, 2017

Outlefting the Left

How do leftists behave? Well, they're rude, obnoxious, and they lie about everything. For decades, the right has reacted to the first two by being extra polite and decorous, and to the last by telling the truth. We need to keep that last up — our big advantage over the left is that the truth helps our agenda, while it severely restricts theirs. But we need to rethink those first two.

Being knee-jerk polite by nature, rightists all too easily fall into Mr. Nice Guy mode. I can't get that image out of my head of Romney not knowing quite what to say when Candy Crowley basically called him a liar during his debate. What he should have said was:

"Are you here to moderate this debate, or are you here to assist Obama?"

Or in a more satyrical fashion:

"Tell you what — how about you and I debate, and Obama can moderate?"

Trump would have answered one of those ways. That's why he won. We all got tired of voting for Republicans who couldn't wait to kowtow to Democrats and sell us all out. We liked his counterpunching, and the left is learning that when they're rude, Trump comes back twice as rude.

So you'll never hear me say that Trump should be more "Presidential," meaning that he should let the left push him around. And you'll never hear me say that "we're better than that," again meaning that we should turn the other cheek and let the left do whatever it pleases, while we feebly and apologetically object, and then apologize for objecting.

Here's somebody else who isn't apologetic. Ann Coulter. This is from Vox Day's site [link]:

Immigration is anti-America

Ann Coulter points out the absurdity of the recent Federal court rulings on the God-Emperor's travel ban:
To review:

-- When the president's immigration policy is to promote international communism: The president wins.

-- When the president's immigration policy is to transform America into a different country: The president wins.

-- But when the president's immigration policy is to protect Americans: Some piss-ant judge announces that his authority exceeds that of the president.

This is exactly what I warned you about in Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole. Nothing Trump does will be met with such massive resistance as his immigration policies.-----------
Read the rest here:
Quibcag: Not really a quibcag. Illustrated by one of Baloo's cartoons about the comically primitive.

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  1. When the Left elects a new people, you can all vote on who to blame for killing the future and destroying your life. I plan to fight. When Trump turns out to be just a Reagan retread trying to save a dead and dying society instead of you, you'll know I'm right. I won't fight alone, but you have a stake in this.