Friday, February 10, 2017

Bob Wallace says what he means and means what he says

You can count on Bob for that, always. And you have knee-jerk liberals and knee-jerk libertarians, and even knee-jerk conservatives, but Bob Wallace is that rare pundit who is a knee-jerk realist.

It's not easy being a realist these days. The MAG (Media, Academia, Government) puts out massive effort 24/7 to convince you that what seems real to you is an illusion and that their narrative, no matter how much the real world contradicts it, is the Truth and the Way.

One of the most idiotic aspects of the MAG's narrative is the equality of man. I'm not talking about the Jeffersonian theory that all men should be equal under the law, i. e., should have equal protection under the law and should have no privileges based on noble or royal birth. No, I'm talking about the liberal/neocon madness that all people have equal capacities and all cultures are equivalent to one another, and one should not be preferred over others.

The latter is practically the opposite of the former. Jefferson called for what amounts to equal opportunity, in that the law should not give anybody a special privilege or a head start. The latter ideology calls for, in effect, equal outcomes, because if everybody is equal in the second sense, unequal outcomes can only be caused by some flaw in the system — usually racism or Islamophobia or bigotry or some trendy mental disease. And the remedy for all that is — drum roll — special privileges and head starts for whichever special group is deemed to have been held back by one of those mental diseases.

And no, rearing the children of those unequal types here in the West doesn't turn them into Westerners. (You can butter a cat and put jelly on it, but it's still a cat.) You end up with what the Media lovingly refer to as "home-grown terrorists." The following is from Bob Wallace's site here [link]:

Completely Alien Mentalities

Some foreigners have mentalities so utterly alien to Americans we will never understand them. These are not people who want to be Americans if only given a chance. Not only are their mentalities alien so is their behavior, and since behavior is a function of those mentalities, we will never understand the behavior.I have mentioned before I once saw a black-white-and-white video shot by an American attack helicopter in Iraq (or more probably Afghanistan – it had to be Afghanistan since the country is so bizarre) in which three men were turning turns screwing a sheep. The other two were walking around patiently waiting their turn while the first was merrily humping away at the sheep. How in the world can an American understand behavior like that?
Now we can say, well, they wouldn’t do that if raised over here. Really? I used to work with a young man from Afghanistan and considered him a screwball. I saw him giving some of the men at work lustful looks. It reminded me of James Michener’s novel about Afghanistan, Caravans, about the ages-old Afghan lust for sodomizing pubescent boys.
Are people John Lockean blank slates? (actually Locke wrote “wax tablet”) or is there some profound genetic influence that comes from inbreeding? I opt for the genetic influence, which is just common sense.
Perhaps 40% to 50% of what we are is genetics.
You can make the argument – and I do, as do others – that culture is an expression of genetics. It’s why Islam or Judaism isn’t for white people, but Christianity is. The former have cultures so alien to the West they’ll never be accepted – and both have caused horrible problems in the West.
Can you imagine a culture 33% Wahabi Muslim, 33% Orthodox Jew, and 33% fundamentalist Christian? All trying to share the same land? It wouldn’t work at all. Imagine the bloodshed and murder – and the totalitarian government necessary to keep some kind of order (think of the former “Yugoslavia” and the genocide that happened after the government fell).
Speaking of government, the lunatics in Dubya Shrub’s administration had no idea what they were doing in their attempts to impose the leftist hallucination of “democracy” on Iraq and Afghanistan. They were trying to impose “American values” on cultures that screw sheep and little boys. It why things are worse over there now than before the U.S. invaded. And they’re not going to get any better until we withdraw completely and let them go back to killing and fucking each other – which is their birthright.
Leftists – who have no sense whatsoever – think there would be no problem. We just have to be “tolerant” since all cultures are “equal.” Everyone else would realize there would be violence and “ethnic cleansing.” It’s been the history of the world.
For a while there was a concept by the historically ignorant about the U.S. being a “propositional nation”: move here and you are an American! This is so appallingly ignorant it’s not worth even commenting on.
I had a friend of mine once tell me he read some articles from the 1920s, in which it was governmental policy to allow only two people a year to emigrate from Afghanistan. They obviously understood things a lot better than people in the U.S. government today.
I also once was walking by a swimming pool at night at an apartment complex when an African woman asked me to walk her by the pool. As I was walking with her I saw a black cat by the diving board. I then knew she was just another stupid superstitious African. I never bothered to ask her what she thought it was going to do to her. Perhaps she thought it was a werecat that was going to turn into a gigantic black tiger.
Less funny was an incredibly ugly Arab woman, dressed in that ridiculous black headgear where only her face showed, who fled from my presence when she saw me walking my 16-pound pug (pugs are the most harmless and comedic of dogs). I knew that Muslims consider dogs unclean, so whenever I saw her I would walk my dog by her to see her flee. I found it a little amusing.
These behaviors are not just cultural. They’re genetic (“What’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh”).
These are cultures – and genes – we don’t need in the United States. Not any Africans with IQs below 70, or Mexicans with mean IQs of 89, or Muslims with mean IQs or 89. Not to mention all their other horrible, genetically-influenced behaviors.
Quibcag: I found the illustration for the first one on Zerochan. The second is the Professor and her cat — I think his name is Sakamoto — from Nichijou (日常). As for the third... well, I'm sure you recognize everybody.


  1. You need to see this. Watch it, then give an opinion on it.
    Be fair to the Japanese.

    1. I'm confused about what you're referring to.

  2. Can we dispense with the "equality" talk. First equality isn't in the US Constitution at all. The Declaration of Independence wasn't a government document, it was a letter to Mad King George III by the Revolutionaries. All men are created equal had NOTHING to do with blacks, Muslims or other non-Whites. It was a not subtle swipe at the King and his claims of being a blue blood and therefore a superior kind of person who ruled by "Divine Right". Depending on whether you believe legends or official English History, this "Divine Right" was either begotten by a Sword in a Stone or William the Conqueror sending the Normans back to Normandy at the Battle of Hastings. The current residents have adopted Windsor as their surname from the Castle they reside in most of the year due to German issues around the time of the Kaiser. Elisabeth I the namesake of the elderly women who won't let her grip on the crown go til her last breath had no legal heirs and being Heretics in the eyes of Rome had to import a Germanic cousin of Lutheran Persuasion to prevent a mass execution of Church of England tithe collectors.
    We can dispense with this fraud already. The Civil Rights Act permanently killed any equal treatment clause and the so-called "protected classes" term is just sophistry for favoritism of all Non-Whites dumb enough to be satisfied with scraps and to whom freedom may as well be chicken in a pot or a pot-smoking chicken. Protected class is naked favoritism against the Founding Stock. Unconstitutional on its face, against English Common Law, and any sense of Justice in a Western View. Let us not humor the delusions of the enemy that we are fooled. Let us laugh at their pretense, but no longer suffer or supplicate our parasites and their delusions of grandeur.

  3. Hey, is Bob Wallace still claiming that Hitler was a leftist? LMAO

    1. That's the one thing I disagree with him about, but it's a very common misconception.

    2. Nazi means "National Socialist." SOCIALIST. Leftist. The Communists were International Socialist - and they killed millions more people than the Nazis. By the way, it was Eric von Kuehnele-Leddihn - ever heard of him? - who said the Nazis were leftists, not me.

    3. AFAIK, nazism was leftist only originally, when its main paramilitary force was the SA, but that changed in the 1934 "Night of the Long Knives" purge (also called operation Hummingbird) when Hitler gave his preference to the SS force instead, and also the left-wing Strasserist faction was crushed.

  4. Uncle Bob RULES, chief. You're not a bad second in command either.

    But: he ascribes far to much to genetics. Blacks, browns and other ethnic groups need not be problems. All we have to do is ENFORCE concepts of western decency on them and kill or deport the ones that refuse to get along.

    Ascribing degenerate foreign behaviour to genetics is like blaming an ill behaved dog for his problems rather than the trainer.

    1. So much stupid to see or care apparently. The cultural and legal arguments don't work anymore. You're living in the past. We don't care about any phony baloney crap about any of "your experiences". We have seen the genetics play out and no amount of deflection or shaming will prevent the inevitable kicking out. You and they can leave. You and they are not welcome.

  5. The only dog that ever badly bit me was a pit bull. Raised just fine, too, but the genetics were too much.

  6. Bob, you and your hero, Eric, are playing with semantics. It's the core mission of the thing that defines it, not the name it takes. It's like Rush Limbaugh claiming that Dems r the real racists because, well, Jeff Davis.

    Intelligent men like Leddihn have their weaknesses too, Bob. They can be ridiculously stupid about things at times. Like thinking they can reverse the tide with one easy semantic trick.

    Hey btw, what do you make of the communists in the Duma being more nationalist than their colleagues? HeHeHe, just keep in mind that it's 2017 and not 1917 any more.

    Oh, one other thing, since you're into semantics. Did you know that in Europe the word 'socialist' is, and especially was in 1932, the rough equivalent of 'Christian' in the USA today?

    1. Also, Bob, just to be clear, I'm not coming at this from the left. I'm probably more of an admirer of Hitler than you are of Leddihn. But no man is perfect, be he a nationalist savior of Europe or some irrelevant philosopher.

  7. Shoot, things keep pestering me. Mussolini and Franco. Were they leftists? Plenty of socialism going on under their rule. BWAHAAHAAA!