Friday, January 13, 2017

Viktor Orbán on Borders, Christianity, and Civilization

It's funny how these things work. A snapshot of the world situation would look this way — countries with sensible, patriotic leaders: Hungary, Russia, China (as near as I can tell), Israel, Poland; countries with flaky, unpatriotic leaders: the United States, Canada, the UK, France, Germany. And there are many more in each category, but these are the ones I'm fairly sure of. This would lead you to think the first group are countries with sensible electorates, while the second group have ditzy electorates. Not necessarily so. That was a snapshot, but things change. In a few days, the United States will move from category two to category one. 

This is triggered by the fact that Hungary, of all places, seems to have a super-sensible patriot at the helm, in the form of Viktor Orbán. Maybe there's something about living in the ruins of a communist dictatorship that sharpens the mind. Sharper than the minds of our local liberals and neocons, most of whom, to be frank, are communists of one sort or another, though they dress it up and call it by other names like "progressive" or "neoconservative," while fighting actual progress and/or trashing our history and heritage and calling a slightly skewed version of progressivism some kind of opposition to progressivism instead of the fellow-travelerism that it is.

And, here is Viktor Orbán himself, on the subject of borders. This is from Gates of Vienna [link]:

“The World is Not Moving Towards Order, But Rather in the Direction of Jittery Unpredictability”

The following speech was given yesterday by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a swearing-in ceremony for new special units of Hungarian border guards. CrossWare, who translated the speech for subtitles, includes this explanation of the new guards’ duties:
These are military-level units, but under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (like police). They are kind of like border control SWAT teams. The literal translation of their name is “Border Hunter”.
Mr. Orbán, as usual, speaks the truth clearly and eloquently. There is no other national leader in the West who is willing to discuss mass immigration so frankly.
Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For a transscript of his speech, go to:


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