Sunday, January 29, 2017


I frankly don't know whether to replace MAG or not, but I've decided on MAGOG to replace MAG if it's going to be replaced. It's different enough from MAGA so as not to be confused, I believe, and it can be taken as standing for either:
Media, Academia, Government, Oligarchs, & Goons
as in the illustration, or just:
Media, Academia, Government, Oh, God!

At any rate, MAGOG has an apocalyptic Biblical connection, which is a plus [link].

It was also the name of a pretty awful alien race in the Andromeda TV show with Kevin Sorbo [link]. The illustration for the first quibcag is of a MAGOG from that show.

And, I just found out, there's another MAGOG out there — a villain from DC comics. But he's evidently one of those ambiguous types, because he's described as a sort of hero here [link].

But I should mention here that Joshua Sinistar made this suggestion:

How about MIGCHOAT? Military Industrial Gods of the Copybook Headings , Offices, Academies and Tax-consumers.

And I also got this comment from "Unknown" that seems right on the money:

Trump's great power was that he was totally unafraid of the MAG. Anyone the MAG considers the slightest threat they rip apart utterly, like a turkey among starving dogs. Professors decry them to their students and get them to march around their house. Media from the most serious reporter to the crudest late night comic will attack him constantly on all channels. If he's really unlucky he might even face a government investigation. Every secret and bit of his past will be dug up and searched through. Sure he might hear a voice of support in talk radio or the internet. But he won't be able to engage with the rest of the world without coming to the conclusion that all of America hates him. Then along came Trump, Trump made it clear he did not give a f*ck. The MAG had railed that he was just a goofy pop-culture icon, now he was Literally Worse Than Hitler. Every gaffe and mistep was replayed and analyzed endlessly. He was a stupid joke until he got closer to the presidency. Then the MAG stopped laughing and started screeching. Trump still didn't care; he continued speaking what was on his mind, and it was what was on our mind too. The press dug up a tape that was secretly recorded more than a decade ago without Trump's knowledge. In a private conversation two adult heterosexual men talked about women in crude sexual terms. Despite the fact that his opponent's husband was a sexual predator, despite the fact that you can hear and see a thousand times worse on basic cable (and a million times worse on HBO) the MAG and the liberals suddenly became pearl-clutching old ladies getting the vapors. Trump kept on not caring. Didn't apologize didn't belly crawl to feminists just kept running. He didn't care and the public didn't either despite the MAG frenzy. The MAG told us he could never win, he was too crude, too stupid, too evil. And you know what? I believed them. I thought they were right, now I see how wrong they are. How powerless they are in reality. They're like a pufferfish, blowing themselves up to appear more intimidating. They are not the people, or even their opinions. They are the MAG and I think they realize how screwed they are, because a man took them on and won. Spectacularly and publicly, and the MAG is still screaming in pain.

And the way "MAG" is used in that comment almost persuades me to leave well enough alone and keep using MAG myself.
Quibcags: As I said, the first is illustrated by the Andromeda character, the second by the DC comics character.

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  1. MAGOG seems cool, but you have to remember the Atheist and pagan Alt-Right are hostile to all Christian references. I can understand it. I'm Christian myself, but what the damn churches have done to "layman: is criminal if not pure heresy. They've taken scripture out of context and turned the Whole Word and World Upside Down.
    President Golfcart's "Brother's Keeper" program and all the fake altruism of the Left has met nothing but praise from these peddlers from The Temple of Mammon. They assist invaders, attack Christian Morality and sully Western Civilization and all the fake churches sing the praises of Mammon and Mephistopheles.
    Lets keep our real brothers in arms in the fold. Christ is in our hearts, but these foul peddlers with their Bible Thumping, Hooker Humping False Gospel has given "Christianity" a bad name.