Wednesday, January 25, 2017


A few years back I started using the acronym MAG, for the three pillars of the establishment — Media, Academia, Government. I was influenced to some extent by the Biblical name "Magog" [link] with its apocalyptic connotations.

And then the Trumpster, God-Emperor Trump, comes up with MAGA, for Make America Great Again, which is basically the opposite of my MAG, because it overturns MAG's applecart and then some.

So what's an acronym-originator to do? MAGA is so familiar to everybody now, that using MAG will confuse and best and mislead at worst. I could reverse it to GAM, but that's an old slang word for "leg," and doesn't seem all that appealing in other ways. Any other combo would be unpronounceable. So I'll have to substitute words to get different initials. Let's say we leave "Academia" alone, and:

M (Media) > P (Press)
G (Government) > S (State)
or maybe:
G (Government) > B (Bureaucracy)

So that gives me:

PAS - so-so
SAP - maybe
PSA - no, that also means "public service announcement"
SPA - another no, because it has an irrelevant meaning in English
ASP - a poisonous snake. That's a maybe, definitely

And with B instead of S:

PAB - so-so
BAP - unexciting
BSA - nope, Boy Scouts of America
and no other combo is pronounceable

And if I keep the G and change the M to P

PGA (heh!)

Or keeping the M and changing the G to S:


Or keeping the M and changing the G to B:


But returning to MAG for a moment, does Greg Gutfeld read this blog?

Come to think of it, M could > J, for "Journalism."


One commenter, Undocumented Pharmacist, asks:

So you're not down with "the cathedral"?

If "the cathedral" is new to you, it's defined here [link].

And Joe Sobran used the term "hive" to mean much the same thing [link]. And I'm sure there are other terms that I can't bring to mind right now.

I think it's going to be ASP, but there's some appeal to BAM.  What do you all think? Which is best? Any other ideas?
After thinking about this for a couple of days, I'm inclined to take the path of least resistance and use GAM.


  1. I'm more partial to BAM because it has that onamatapia thing going on.

  2. I'm leaning towards BAM also, because it just occurred to me that ASP might suggest the snake on the Gadsden flag, and that would be another confusion.

  3. How about MIGCHOAT? Military Industrial Gods of the Copybook Headings , Offices, Academies and Tax-consumers.

  4. Trump's great power was that he was totally unafraid of the MAG. Anyone the MAG considers the slightest threat they rip apart utterly, like a turkey among starving dogs. Professors decry them to their students and get them to march around their house. Media from the most serious reporter to the crudest late night comic will attack him constantly on all channels. If he's really unlucky he might even face a government investigation. Every secret and bit of his past will be dug up and searched through. Sure he might hear a voice of support in talk radio or the internet. But he won't be able to engage with the rest of the world without coming to the conclusion that all of America hates him. Then along came Trump, Trump made it clear he did not give a fuck. The MAG rallied he was just a goofy pop-culture icon, now he was Literally Worse Than Hitler. Every gaffe and mistep was replayed and analyzed endlessly. He was a stupid joke until he got closer to the presidency. Then the MAG stopped laughing and started screeching. Trump still didn't care he continued speaking what was on his mind, and it was what was on our mind too. The press dug up a tape that was secretly recorded more than a decade ago without Trump's knowledge. In a private conversation two adult heterosexual men talked about women in crude sexual terms. Despite the fact that his opponents husband was a sexual predator, despite the fact that you can hear and see a thousand times worse on basic cable (and a million times worse on HBO) the MAG and the liberals suddenly became pearl-clutching old ladies getting the vapours. Trump kept on not caring. Didn't apologize didn't belly crawl to feminists just kept running. He didn't care and the public didn't either despite the MAG frenzy. The MAG told us he could never win, he was too crude, too stupid, too evil. And you know what I believed them. I thought they were right, now I see how wrong they are. How powerless they are in reality. They're like a pufferfish, blowing themselves up to appear more intimidating. They are not the people, or even their opinions. They are the MAG and I think they realize how screwed they are, because a man took them on and won. Spectacularly and publicly, and the MAG is still screaming in pain.