Sunday, January 29, 2017

Libertarians are Huddled Masochists, too!

I got "huddled masochists" from the unique Steve Sailer [link] just so you'll know. The kid is a great phrase-maker, I'm sure you'll agree. Well, the ditzy Libertarian Party has done it again, making itself super-irrelevant by aligning itself with the most malignant group of "immigrants" in our history. Their whole screed is here [link], but it ends with this smarmy drivel.

Today and everyday, the Libertarian Party says to our Muslim brothers and sisters, we are with you. We have your back. We’ll do our best to speak out and amplify your voice. We hope and pray that a registry is never created. But if one is, we will oppose it vigorously and you can rest assured that many of our members will register themselves in protest. We will speak out against travel and immigration bans. We will speak out loudly against any and all acts of violence or destruction that may be committed against you. When your rights and humanity are infringed upon, we stand with you.

In other words, the LP doesn't care about acts of terrorism or the importation of millions who can't/won't assimilate. It's fine with them. They don't care. They thing that somehow, the Founding Fathers came up with the First Amendment so that nobody could ever object to the invasion of millions of Muslims, or, as they called them in those days, Musselmen or Mohammedans. So, for things that count, they're indistinguishable from liberals and the more egregious variety of neocons.

No, my friends, the Libertarian Party is not libertarian, unless you consider libertarianism just to be liberalism's understudy. Libertarianism is a right-wing idea, founded on the ideas of individualism (not anomie) and a rational society. Real libertarians, like Hoppe, know that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and that you can't make a libertarian society out of Third-World detritus who consider "freedom" to be the opportunity to misbehave with impunity and have zero idea of civic responsibility — an idea that most modern libertarians sneer at just like their liberal sisters do.

Have you noticed that the idea of "assimilation" seems to have largely been forgotten lately? The idea that if Muslims want to be part of a Western country they should abandon Islam is considered the rankest bigotry. And of course they should also be encouraged, really, not to change a thing, but bring their entire culture and way of life along with them. Most naive people make a big deal about these immigrants learning to speak English, which is fine, but really secondary to problems caused by customs and folkways they bring along that have nothing to do with language, important as that might be. 

You know the drill by now, surely. The fact is that Islam, like it or not, isn't just another "church" like Methodism or Lutheranism, but an entire social and governmental system that a good Muslim must adhere to. Oh, it's true enough that there have been secular "Muslim" leaders like Attaturk and Muhammed Ali Jinnah and even Saddam Hussein, who made it their policy to suppress the flakier, more savage, aspects of Islam. But their efforts bore little fruit.

Frankly, then (And I know there are individual exceptions. So what?), Muslims do not fit into Western Culture. Western Culture is Christian, both practicing and culturally, and any halfway sincere Muslim has an afrit on his shoulder telling him to spread the faith and oppose the Nasrani. (Muslims seem to consider us all Nazarenes by religion and Franks by ethnicity.) And as Jonathan David Baird says, we might as well encourage communists to immigrate and of course remain communists.
Quibcags: The first one is illustrated by the girls of K-On! (けいおん! Keion!). The second illustration, I found the suicide bomber girl here: And for the third, in honor of Bobby Jindal's ancestral heritage (tho he himself seems almost gobsmackingly assimilated) I picked Sally Bollywood [link]. Pretty cute, eh? And if you're intrigued, here's one of Sally's videos:


  1. The link:
    I thought the person who stripped to his skivvies at the convention was the low point, or just Johnson/Weld (who a small-l libertarian called Mr. Bean and wild bill).

    But the descent into madness continues.

    Although I don't like the drug war, at this rate the LP is probably the best argument for its continuation.

  2. I've explained to libertardians that it is the chicken or egg problem. You can't have these principles you espouse implemented by cultures that have no concept of them and never had and never will. Sadly, they are just as stupid as the left on this point.

    1. In a way, stupider, because much of the left knows damn well that immigrants of that sort will wreck the culture, but pretend that they don't. All too many libertarians believe that the magic dirt will turn headhunters into suburban PTA enthusiasts.