Thursday, January 12, 2017

Libertarians and/or Fascists?

Matt Bailey sent this in:

Ex-Army, interesting line of conversation:

Someone said,
"People hate SJW's because they sh*t on everything. They are so annoying that they can make natural sworn enemies like libertarians and fascists work together."

Which is a fair enough observation. But I reply:

"Is it nature or artificial ideological framing which makes the two enemies?
Most libertarians I (I believe the SJW cuck-shills are outliers and possibly infiltrators) want to live in an America that is a lot more like 1955. This was kind of the premise of Harry Browne's Clinton-era book Why Government Doesn't Work.
Most fascists want to live in an America that is a lot more like 1955.
So it seems like they want the same thing, with occasional arguments about how to get there."
Ex-Army says: Best explanation I've seen so far as to why we need to have pas d'ennemi à droite. Actually, when I first started this blog, I called it "Ex-Army, Fasco-Libertarian," but nobody got the point. Whoops! I just found this and had to add it. A flag for all us you fasco-libertarians out there. Designed by ColumbianSFR


And here's a modified version:

Quibcag: an old one. I don't know where the girl is from.


  1. Exactly. My small farm town is culturally closer to 1955 than 2017 (but with gigabit internet). There are neither "fascists" nor "libertarians", but just good old traditional Christian folk that are charitable but not busybodies.

    If you get past the war words and intellectual masturbation, this is what people really want. Instead of complaining, I sought it out.

  2. Everything you've heard about Hitler is a lie. Not hard to believe now is it? Fascist, Nazi and Racist are just people who don't go along with the Lies. The Left is about as open-minded as any other fanatic. The reason they see such commonality with Mormons and Mohammedans is because they are also members of an insular cult. The core beliefs and principles are just flotsam and gypsum they use to decorate their cult. Basically all cults are about power. Power is all there really is behind it. Listening to their rhetoric is like listening to the weasel words of any other criminal who got caught. Its never their fault, you are wrong and my childhood was so bad you have to forgive me.