Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Good Words from Airstrip One!

Guest post by
Robert Lees

Well guys, I've been watching from across the pond, what I consider to be the biggest social movement in a long time.

I've always had a deep rooted love for the US despite how media portrays all of you. I enjoy history a lot and I have always been fascinated by what your people did and love the regional pockets of European culture that many of you still keep in touch with.

Your people for the second time in your existence are on a brave new frontier, you all have the potential to take down an institution that no longer cares for you or your land. Now you finally have a leader (who may not be everything we thought) who actually cares for the country. Many have been angry that Trump went pretty center, but imo a smart move with the turmoil in your homeland. But he is only the beginning, may you all continue the work that his attitude started. Trump isn't a big deal at the end of the day, you all are. His mouth spewed ideals that resignated with the forgotten of the world.

I am in no place to give advice not being part of your nation, but never become what the left want you to be. Everything else will come in play if this is not forgotten.

Many of you are some of the brightest, steadfast and caring chaps I've ever had the pleasure of chatting with.

Good luck to all of you, seriously. Let's hope my country gets farage as PM so our "special relationship" actually exists for a change, rather than our politicians just telling us this is how it is.

I hope to one day live in your nation if I'm being honest and nothing would make me happier if my children could one day say they are American. 
And that is a good proof that nationalism unites people, and doesn't divide. — Ex-Army


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