Monday, January 16, 2017

Civil Rights Fatigue — Yes, you have it, I have it, most all of us have it.

I had an interesting exchange with a SJW on the net the other day. He'd been spouting the usual myths about Trump (read about those myths here [link]) and I asked him if he had any disagreements at all with the liberal narrative. He replied by sneeringly asserting that I had no disagreements with the conservative narrative. He certainly hadn't paid any attention to what I was saying there, and definitely had never looked at this blog. I ended by sort of congratulating him on his loyal adherence to the liberal narrative, and stating that I was sure he'd continue to do so, no matter how many times the narrative mutated into something else. You know, "We have always been at war with Eastasia" sort of thing. Much like, as I remember the youthful era of the modern left back in the Sixties, the practice of calling conservatives or anybody on the right "queers." Yes, Virginia, the left used to denigrate homosexuals, accusing everybody to the right, from J. Edgar Hoover to Joe McCarthy to George Lincoln Rockwell, of being homosexuals. The have now stopped doing that, because homosexuality has become a sacred thing in their holy narrative. How will it change in the future? Which will become sacred next — pedophilia or polygamy?

Well, one thing that's been sacred to the left for many, many years is the Civil Rights Movement, and you can tell because every time the controversy about John Lewis refusing to attend Trump's inaugural comes up, Lewis is referred to as a "civil rights icon." And I believe "icon" is just a step on the way to liberal sainthood.

And speaking of remembering what the left used to be, I'm clearly old enough to remember the Sixties. I was in my teens and early twenties, and at first I thought the civil rights thing made sense. I even joined the NAACP, and I'm glad I did, because I saw first hand who was running the (((NAACP))) and the intentions of the Black members. Oh, some of the Blacks were sincere, and honestly were not up to no good. But many, especially the young ones (John Lewis' generation and younger) were big on hating Whitey and wanting not rights, but revenge. They had adopted (and exaggerated) Malcolm X's anti-White principles and rhetoric, while also adopting MLK's technique of forcing themselves into White institutions with "passive resistance" with a clear threat of violence. The worst of both worlds. They wanted into Whitey's schools and churches and other institutions, not to benefit from the centuries-long development of Western Culture, but to destroy it.

And before I hand this post off to Vox Day, I want to say this: I wouldn't argue that many Blacks have personally benefited from the civil rights movement. One prominent one is James Meredith, who, if you're not aware, ended up doing rather odd things for a civil rights veteran [link]. They never call him an icon. But the race as a whole? Before the CRM, you never had the "knockout game" or mall riots, or the likes of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, They weren't perfect, of course, but Black leaders prior to the CRM were at least dignified and maybe among the best of the race. Now they're let by charlatans. And of course they're murdering one another at a much higher rate than they were prior to the Sixties. And now, Vox Day, on his website here [link], writes:

Martin Luther King, in his own words

The myth of Martin Luther King often appears to have more to do with Gandhi or the Buddha than to the actual man himself. It can be amusing to use his words to trigger SJWs, who don't hesitate to declare them deplorably racist right up until the moment they discover whose words they are.
Alex Haley: Your dissatisfaction with the Civil Rights Act reflects that of most other Negro spokesmen. According to recent polls, however, many whites resent this attitude, calling the Negro “ungrateful” and “unrealistic” to press his demands for more.

Martin Luther King: This is a litany to those of us in this field. “What more will the Negro want?” “What will it take to make these demonstrations end?” Well, I would like to reply with another rhetorical question: Why do white people seem to find it so difficult to understand that the Negro is sick and tired of having reluctantly parceled out to him those rights and privileges which all others receive upon birth or entry in America? I never cease to wonder at the amazing presumption of much of white society, assuming that they have the right to bargain with the Negro for his freedom. This continued arrogant ladling out of pieces of the rights of citizenship has begun to generate a fury in the Negro. Even so, he is not pressing for revenge, or for conquest, or to gain spoils, or to enslave, or even to marry the sisters of those who have injured him. What the Negro wants—and will not stop until he gets—is absolute and unqualified freedom and equality here in this land of his birth, and not in Africa or in some imaginary state. The Negro no longer will be tolerant of anything less than his due right and heritage. He is pursuing only that which he knows is honorably his. He knows that he is right.

But every Negro leader since the turn of the century has been saying this in one form or another. It is because we have been so long and so conscientiously ignored by the dominant white society that the situation has now reached such crisis proportions. Few white people, even today, will face the clear fact that the very future and destiny of this country are tied up in what answer will be given to the Negro. And that answer must be given soon.

Alex Haley: If it’s morally right for supporters of civil rights to violate segregation laws which they consider unjust, why is it wrong for segregationists to resist the enforcement of integration laws which they consider unjust?

Martin Luther King: Because segregation, as even the segregationists know in their hearts, is morally wrong and sinful. If it weren’t, the white South would not be haunted as it is by a deep sense of guilt for what it has done to the Negro—guilt for patronizing him, degrading him, brutalizing him, depersonalizing him, thingifying him; guilt for lying to itself. This is the source of the schizophrenia that the South will suffer until it goes through its crisis of conscience.
Read the rest here:
Quibcag: Since the 'civil rights movement' was just a return to reconstruction after a hiatus of 75 years or so, and reconstruction was a direct result of the Northern victory in the civil war, this is illustrated by a Southern belle with her flag. Southern belles were pretty much wiped out by the war plus reconstruction (doesn't "reconstruction" have an Orwellian Newspeak feel to it?). Just see Gone with the Wind, book or movie. Oh, the illustration I found at:


  1. FWIW, I will cheerfully stipulate to the fact that prior to the 1960s, blacks had a lot of legitimate grievances. There had to be a whole guidebook for blacks who wanted to travel, pointing them to places where they could stay for the night, get a restaurant meal, or even buy some goddamn gasoline! A lot of this was because quite a few whites recoiled at the idea of "playing servant" to blacks, while others who had no objection to black customers per se knew that their white customers, on whose custom they depended, would stay away in droves if blacks were served there.

    As I say, they once had a bunch of real problems and grievances, a lot of them forced on them by whites. However, those days ended when I was very young (the guidebook in question ceased to be needed and stopped publication in 1964) and for the past 52 years, they've had assistance, preference and help showered on them. And we have learned to despise them, not for the color of their skins (they can't help being hideously ugly, after all) but for the content of their characters, as someone once said.

    1. Yeah nobody give a shit about "black grievances". Segregation wasn't about holding down blacks, but realizing these savages cannot behave in an acceptable way here. Fact is, blacks NEVER succeed. Not anywhere. They murdered every White in Haiti and the grievance committee of disingenuous bastards actually has the gall to say Whites owe the murderers descendants something.
      Fuck You, NO FUCK YOU. This isn't about reparations at all. Savages are either at your feet or at your throat, there is no "happy" medium. They want tribute. They threaten rapine and looting. It never ends until they get slapped down AGAIN.