Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hate the Russians, Suck Up to the Chinese

That's what the liberals/progressives advocate these days. Seriously, our leftie pals are having the vapors and hissy-fits over the fact that Trump accepted a phone call from the Taiwanese President, thereby maybe, just maybe, offending the Chinese. I'm not worried about that, because I think Scott Adams has it right, that the Chinese leaders are grownups who don't want to go to war because their feelings are hurt, or theoretically might be hurt [link].

On the other hand, these same smarmy liberals/progressives are beating the drums for war with Russia. Their latest champion, Hillary, called for extending NATO all the way up to the Russian border, and for instituting a no-fly zone over Syria. The latter is an act of war, and the former might as well be.

So why is the left so hostile towards Russia and go ingratiating towards China? I think Karol Traven has it right in the quibcag. Our American left has had a lifelong crush on communism, and of course it bent over backwards to argue for tolerance of, and aid to, the Soviet Union for as long as it lasted. The Chinese, despite their current wink to capitalism, remain communist in theory, so the left is expressing horror over Trump's phone call,  just as they expressed horror over Reagan's use of the term "evil empire," wailing that it might lead to war. It didn't cause a war with the USSR then, and it won't cause a war with China now. But as for Russia, it abandoned communism, and the American left just hates that, and will never forgive Russia in general, or Putin in particular.

Just one more proof that whatever they say they are, the leftists of America are nothing more than pimps for communism.
Quibcag: The Chinese girl is Kagura of Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama, lit. "Silver Soul")


  1. Some of the largest corporations in China are 100% owned and controlled by the Communist Party

    1. True indeed. But the Chinese government at least does the Michael Moore's and Bernie Sanders's the courtesy of _pretending_ to continue to be orthodox Marxists, just like their Wall Street Pals do :)

  2. Good write-up. The Marxists are indeed salty that Russia broke away

  3. I think it has more to do with the fact that their beloved Ipad is made in Shanghai instead of Saint Petersburg.

  4. Well if Karol is right then the lefties have their heads up their asses. China AND Russia only pay lip service to communism.

    I think the source of their ire was the fact that the Russkies hacked Hillary's server and shot her in the balls with her e-mails, HAR HAR HAR!

    Adams is right. China understands the art of the deal too and will see Trump's posturing for exactly what it is. Part of statesmanship is understanding that you don't have to show up for every fight you are invited to... And picking the right ones to take part in.

    Everyone is laughing at the American Left now, including the Russians and Chinese.

  5. There used to be an American "Left" that wasn't in love (more or less) with communism, but during the "Red Decade" (roughly 1930-1945, with a slight hiccup during the time of the Hitler-Stalin Pact) most of it was subsumed. The CPUSA had a policy of taking over other "left" organizations, or else marginalizing them. They did a lot to help marginalize the IWW and Socialist Party.