Monday, December 19, 2016

Everything I ever needed to know about the election I learned from watching Star Trek

Well, the quibcag really says it all, doesn't it? It's certainly true that Hillary didn't expect Trump or anything like him. Resistance was not futile, and he was pretty unassimilable. I'm sure  she was anticipating one of those sixteen or seventeen guys, not a one of which would have dared to get belligerent with her, being gentlemen and all, and would therefore have lost big, but with all their gentlemanly cred intact.

But this was the goddamnedest election in my memory, and Hillary had to run against the anomalous Trump, who is hard to describe. You might view him as a mixture of Teddy Roosevelt as a politician, P. T. Barnum as a showman, and Andrew Carnegie as a rich guy. (I think Trump is related to Scrooge McDuck on his mother's side.) And throw in a little Andrew Jackson as a wealthy guy who was nonetheless more of a man of the people than 99% of politicians.

And of course the Star Trek analogy is exquisite. Picard did disappoint, showing up with all those tubes sticking out of him, helpless against the nefarious schemes of the Borg Queen, and having to be rescued by Riker and the other kids on the Enterprise. 

Remember this?

So, no way Kirk would get Borged like that. He'd sweep the Borg Queen off her feet and have her toting beer to him on the bridge. And if he did somehow get Borged when he wasn't looking, silly as that may sound, you can be sure he'd unBorg himself ASAP and punch out a few Klingons while he's at it.

You know how Trump would solve the Kobayashi Maru [link]? He'd buy the ship and turn it into a luxury cruise line, under budget and ahead of schedule.
Quibcag: True, true, not really a quibcag. No anime girls in it. Found the illustrations here and there on the net.


  1. Ronnie Cox as Captain Edward Jellico

  2. You almost make me sorry for dropping out of Trek fandom long ago.