Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Superhero Complex, Again

That superhero complex again, indeed. And make that a wrongheaded superhero who gets confused and rescues robbers from bank guards. In their defense, superheroes, busybodies as they may be, at least put their own bodies at risk when they crusade around saving the world. Not so with those with the superhero complex. They almost never risk their own lives, but rather want farm boys to join the military and risk theirs. And such farm boys will sign up every time. Our neocons and liberals definitely have the superhero complex. Right now they want to save A from B in the Middle East. Or maybe B from A. The deeper thinkers want to organize some kind of C to fight both of them. That seems to be the way you create such things as Al Qaeda and Isis, and, for all I know, Hamas and Fatah and the Rotary Club.

What throws you off is the fact that sometimes, when one country invades another to change something, it actually does result in changes for the better. The chances are very much against this, of course, and sometimes the invader gets burned by the results. Our sort-of invasion that opened Japan up in 1853 was the beginning of the modernization of Japan, which was fine for the Japanese, but which finally resulted in one hell of a war with them almost a century later.

Most of the time, no. The US has been playing superhero for a long time now, our to put down the bad guys in two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc., etc., and it can be argued, at least, that every one of those actions resulted in a worse mess than we started with.

Now, we just elected a president who seems not to have a superhero complex. And many people just can't stand it, among which is crazy old Senator McCain. This is from

McCain to Trump: Don't You Dare Make Peace with Russia!

Sit down. This is going to shock you. (Not). We reported yesterday on the telephone call between US president-elect Trump and Russian president Putin, where the current and future presidents discussed the need to set aside differences and look to more constructive future relations. With serious observers of this past year's increasing tensions between US and Russia openly worrying about a nuclear war breaking out, with some 300,000 NATO troops placed on Russia's border, with sanctions hurting average businesspersons on both sides, a normal person might look at the slight thaw in Cold War 2.0 as an early positive indicator of the end of the Obama Era.
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) begs to differ.

A-ko Magami, a true superhero, characteristically kicks a
hole in a giant robot.
In a blistering statement he released today responding to the Trump/Putin telephone call, Sen. McCain condemned any efforts by President-elect Trump to find common ground with Putin.

Any claim by Putin that he wants to improve relations with the US must be vigorously opposed, writes McCain. He explains:

We should place as much faith in such statements as any other made by a former KGB agent who has plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, invaded his neighbors, threatened America’s allies, and attempted to undermine America’s elections. 

Interesting that Republican McCain has taken to using the Hillary Clinton campaign line (the one that lost her the election) that somehow the Russians were manipulating the US electoral process. The claim was never backed up by facts and Hillary's claim that some 17 US intelligence agencies agreed with her was shown to be a dangerous and foolish lie.

Why is Putin not to be trusted, according to McCain?

Vladimir Putin has rejoined Bashar Assad in his barbaric war against the Syrian people with the resumption of large-scale Russian air and missile strikes in Idlib and Homs. Another brutal assault on the city of Aleppo could soon follow.

What McCain doesn't say is that unlike US troops in Syria, the Russians are invited by the Syrian government and operate according to international law. Oh yes, and they are also fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS, which has sought to overthrow Assad for the past five years.

Maybe McCain is just really sensitive after meeting with al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria?

As rumors swirl from Washington about neocons sniffing out top jobs in the incoming administration, it would serve president-elect Trump well to reflect on he true nature of the neocon beast...

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Quibcag: This is illustrated by my favorite Japanese superhero, A-ko, also known as Eiko (pronounced the same way). She is one tough cookie, and it's no surprise, considering that her parents are Superman and Wonder Woman. (See illustration. Mom and dad have some coffee while A-ko departs for school. Also see her in action in the gif above.) The A-ko anime is thirty years old, which accounts for its somewhat retro drawing style. You can read about it here [link]. Unlike Senator McCain, though, A-ko only fights when she or one of her friends is attacked. She doesn't go around looking for trouble. Hillary would hate her. It's said that Hillary was especially fond of Captain Janeway of Voyager, who famously stuck her nose into the affairs of every planet in the Delta Quadrant.

And now you can watch an A-ko movie. The fun starts a little past four minutes, after the outer space and bombing sequence, which you should watch to understand the background. This is Japanese, so it's risqué in parts, but rather innocently so. Enjoy.

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