Monday, November 28, 2016

Here we go again

I swiped this graphic from Vulture of Critique, and you probably can see it bigger and more clearly at his site here [link]. Of course the talking heads on TV are pointing out that it's still a mystery as to what could possibly motivate a teenage Muslim Somali refugee to try to kill a bunch of us with a car and a butcher knife. Now that he's dead, of course, we'll never know, but it was no doubt either racism or Islamophobia, as you can see from the article above. Seriously, if you were in Somalia, and you couldn't find a Christian church to pray in, wouldn't you run your car into a crowd of Somalis and then attack them with a butcher knife? Of course you would. It's only natural. This is sarcasm.

Read Vulture's account of all this here [link].
Diversity is Chaos writes this [link].
And this question from SPBDL [link].

Now, then, will you SJW's out there explain to me how the beautiful diversity we enjoy by welcoming Muslims offsets the death and mayhem we suffer from them once they get here?

Oh, and here we have SJW idiots calling for gun control because the killer used a car and a knife. [link] There were no guns there, but there was a Muslim.

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