Monday, November 14, 2016

B'Man or Vulture?

Some interesting stuff over at Vulture of Critique in response to B'Man's Revolt [link] (Both on my blogrolls); they're taking opposite positions on what to expect from Trump. B'Man states:

White people, on the whole, however, have taken their eyes off of the real problem (which is not immigration, jobs shipped overseas, etc). The real problem is jewish power and control of every aspect of our lives. Remove that influence and the other problems take care of themselves as sanity rules again without their influence.

Vulture goes on to reply, in part:

Trump is Establishment enough to get cooperation from the old-boys’-club that runs the ReTHUGlican Parody – excuse me, the Republican Party. Guys like Pence are old-school Establishment. No Deplorable Gunslinger would ever have voted for Pence as the main man of the ticket. But Deplorable Gunslingers are willing to let Pence ride in their posse so long as Trump vouches for Pence.
The thing about gunslingers, though, is that they don’t follow leaders, they ride in posses. They know that Trump is moderate. The Christian Gunslingers know that Trump is not pious. The Veteran Gunslingers know the Trump never wore the uniform. They all know that they are much farther to the political “right” than Trump is. They are not going to stop believing in right-wing ideals. They are rejoicing because Trump has suddenly moved the Overton Window far to the right. If Trump becomes political poison, the Deplorable Gunslingers are not going to suddenly hand over their shooting irons and beg for mercy.
Read the whole post, and see an intriguing photo of some rednecks, here [link].

Others have noticed the same thing about the Overton Window. National Review writes this [link].
Quibcag: What better illustration for Deplorable Gunslingers than this from Gunslinger Girl (ガンスリンガー・ガール)?


  1. The Overton window already moved in "Flyover Country", or perhaps it was as it always was, but only Trump noticed the hatred of Political Correctness and that laws weren't enforced uniformly to the detriment of the ordinary citizen.

    I've heard that Trump had his staff LISTEN to America for the year leading up to his announcement. Only he heard things on the right side the other 16 chose to ignore or pretend not to hear as it wasn't polite.

    When building a hotel, you shouldn't care what you would want in a hotel, you should care about what the majority of the paying customers care about. Trump won because he built the best Hotel without any of the establishment's flea-baggage. If he follows through he will be reelected in a landslide.

  2. What these sissy pajama boys better remember is we didn't disarm. We haven't put down anything. We're gonna march into Washington to see the surrender ceremonies. That damn monkey and The Witch Queen better keep in mind its them that's supposed to surrender. We're not hanging up our irons, but they'll be hangings for sure if this doesn't go the way its supposed to.

  3. Thanks for sharing.

    Gunslingers are hired hands. Jews have the money.

    every one of those hired gunslingers will go for mo money.

    Its what they do.

    1. You've been watching too much TV and movies. Most gunmen were using guns for protection and getting what they want. When the law is one guy with a badge, money doesn't buy much. Ranchers had gunmen working for them, but they weren't mere help, not by a long shot. Mercenaries are unreliable. Most guns that back you up have more to gain or lose than coins.

    2. I didn't use the term "gunslinger". They did.

      So, you are saying that there were no hired guns?

      Maybe you should watch more TV or read a book.

    3. You see a lot of people nowadays who work and carry guns. these aren't gunmen, they're Paul Blart Mall Cop. There were guys like that around, but they weren't any better than mall security. All those "gunslingers" were Marshalls, rangers, ranchers and mostly independent operators. When you have a gun and know how to use it, you're dangerous. You don't need someone paying you like a maid. Most of the real gunmen in the Old West went around collecting bounties and wearing badges. The guys who were paid were like mall security today. They carried guns, but they weren't dangerous. The Dangerous could make their own way, and didn't need someone to hire them.