Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump as Archie Bunker

Am I the first to make that comparison? Trump is definitely the Archie Bunker of our time, all the better for being real instead of fictional. All his instincts are pretty much the same — he's always pro-American and patriotic in all senses. He seems to care more about the American people than he does about abstract principles, whatever they are, so treasured by our intellectual conservatives and libertarians.

And while we never heard any of it, I'm sure Archie Bunker's locker-room language was much like Trump's, just as is the case with most of the working class.

Well, to get to the subject, the disdain the Republican establishment shows for Trump says more about them than it does about him. They are manifestly not patriotic and not pro-American. Instead, they are dedicated to a few principles, the main one being making money for their members, and if that entails bringing in millions of cheap-labor peasants from the Third World who will wreck what's left of the American nation, so be it.

And all their other principles — tolerance, multiculturalism, yadda, yadda, yadda — seem to be designed to support that first principle, unlimited immigration across open borders.

And here's Nicholas Stix on the subject:

Outer Boroughs Affect
Why Snobs Like Charles Murray Won’t Vote For Trump (Despite Agreeing With Him)

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