Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Open Borders, Open Pandora's Box

Some time back because I referred to open-borders libertarians as useful idiots for the establishment. Well, I should be clearer about that. Some are indeed useful idiots, some are just idiots, because their behavior otherwise makes them useless to the establishment, and some are liars, because they know very well that open borders would wipe the very idea of libertarianism out in about six months.

Do I really have to explain this obvious fact? Right now we have a feeble version of open borders, i. e., the government is being sneaky about it and just letting in Latin Americans and Middle Easterners with as little fanfare as possible. This is because the American people would revolt if it declared an official policy of open borders, and tried to establish it all at once instead of incrementally. This is a "boiled frog" phenomenon [link].

But if the American people would hold still for it, and the government officially declared the borders open, China would send several million colonists here toot sweet (yes, I know it's supposed to be tout de suite) to loot the country by political and industrial espionage. And other, lesser nations would do the same according to their population numbers.
And, of course, countries with altogether too many poor people would do their best to send all the poor people here where they will demand freebies and make it even more impossible to do away with the welfare state. And the Chinese who decide to stay here will help them with their demands, because all immigrants except for a few from Europe align themselves with the left, the left being the Democratic party.

And what will you do when new immigrants from, say, Uganda defecate on your lawn? Use your Second Amendment rights to shoot them? Or just shrug and put up with the new order, lest the other libertarians call you a racist?

Libertarians didn't use to be so uniformly idiotic. I'm not sure what happened, except that I suspect a bunch of ex-hippies have joined the movement and brought all their idiocy with them. It wasn't ages ago that Murray Rothbard said:

The “nation,” of course, is not the same thing as the state, a difference that earlier libertarians and classical liberals such as Ludwig von Mises and Albert Jay Nock understood full well.

...And the quote continues up there in the quibcag.

Still not convinced? Read this from Alternative Right [link]:


On the anniversary of 9/11, President Obama called for the US to embrace diversity. 

The reason multiculturalism makes my blood boil is, whilst I am a libertarian, I am also strongly nationalistic. Many libertarians confuse nationalism with collectivism, statism, and racism; the implication being, if you’re an alt-righter and share nationalistic sentiments, you’re no libertarian. They assume we are delusionally taking personal pride in the historical achievements of long-dead, successful European people. That is, we forget our individualistic selves and imagine a racial collective which can take credit for the achievements of others who share certain genes. But, that’s not why I’m nationalistic at all.

Of course, I am proud of Western civilization for developing modern capitalism and an overwhelming number of other great innovations, just as I am proud of the association I have with my beautiful, bright daughter or the successes of a close friend. These things are a social benefit, however remote, to me and so I feel a natural desire to celebrate them.

However, my nationalism is based purely on my subjective values, derived from simple, socio-biological facts; not some superficial notion of ‘white pride’ – you know, Aristotle and John Locke were white etc.

First, nationality does not necessarily refer to the legal citizenship of a nation-state. 

Read the rest here:
Quibcag: The various nation-symbols are from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア).


  1. "And what will you do when new immigrants from, say, Uganda defecate on your lawn?"

    Anyone who lives in an area inundated by illegal aliens knows the "Ugandans" are already defecating on the lawn. Indeed; where I live, once beautiful towns have become 3rd World shit-holes. The businesses are 3rd World. On top of the general dilapidation of the businesses, you can't get a job at one of them unless you're MEXICAN. Notice; I didn't say "unless you speak Spanish." The roads have become so bad that you need a Jeep to negotiate them; and those are the NEW roads. The houses are 3rd World. Illegals show up and move into a house. Soon, seven or eight "relatives" show up as well. Each one has a car. Few of those cars are registered. None of them know where the trashcan, lawnmower, or garden hose are. They take up every inch of every place big enough to park a car. If that isn't enough, they'll park in YOUR driveway. Then the party starts. These "poor, huddled masses" have "no money," except to rent a DJ, a bounce house, and a taco man every few weeks. When the party's over, you can tell where it was by the trash in the street.

    If you think I'm being racist saying this, go ahead. This is stuff I've WITNESSED. If you folks who haven't had to deal with this yet think this is OK, then just keep staying silent... You'll get to taste it firsthand soon enough...

  2. Libertarianism was doomed to failure. It has less to do with that crazy narcissistic harridan Alisa Rosenbaum AKA Ayn Rand and everything to do with Capitalism. Its an old trick of the enemy to take over by using both alternatives against you. The Cold War struggle between Good and Evil, Freedom vs Slavery was turned into a contest between capitalism and Communism. A neat trick really, since both are enemy run plans to doom us to irrelevance in our own countries. Like Commie Stooge #1 and Commie Stooge #2 in the Soviet system, Capitalism against Communism is a fake struggle even faker than WWE pro wrestling. Any animosity between Capitalists and Communists has nothing to do with politics or ideology and is more similar to a labor dispute since the Communists work for the Capitalists.
    Libertarianism is just bad for Whites. That crazy bullshit about running away being heroic and atomizing yourself from potential supporters in your own race is supposedly "rugged individualism", its just all bad. Notice how Libertarians are all about money or pot and legalising drugs and never about Private Property or Self-Defense. The NRA has a ton of support on the Right, except by these fucking Libertoons. Even joining a political action committee to support self defense is collectivism according to the retards.
    Collectivism is the buzzword they use to neutralize any Whites dumb enough to join this suicide cult and prevent them from offering any real opposition to the Uniparty of globalist scum.
    Capitalism did not build America. Henry Ford hated bankers, cause none of them would lend him a dime to start his company and he saw the dangers these greedy parasites posed to America. Thomas Edison didn't get squat from banks. He lost his fiance because she demanded he give up trying to invent a light bulb and become a telegraph operator because it offered a steady but rather paltry salary. Those fucking financiers who rip you off didn't offer a dime to Edison for his research. Capitalism did nothing good for America. Capitalism sent all our factories overseas and gutted our economy with Third World Gutter Trash poisoning our food supply with their poor hygiene and disease they brought with them, and reducing our quality of life by destroying our communities with their dysfunctional Third World behaviors and reducing wages and displacing American workers to start the downward spiral we are now on. The Love of Money really is the root of all Evil. Its not a canard.