Sunday, October 30, 2016

Map of the Alt-Right

The Alt-Right is a very broad thing, and as I always say, "Pas d'ennemi à droite" [link], so I consider everybody on the Alt-Right — or real right, or paleoright, or what we had before the neocons, who are just a breed of Trotskyite, took over and are no more on the right than the DNC is — a friend and ally, so naturally I look at this map to see where they've put Ex-Army....

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Nope, I can't find myself (Ex-Army) on this map anywhere, and I certainly think I deserve to be there somewhere. However, I'm not sure where to place myself. I'm certainly a libertarian nationalist, but I'm also an ethnonationalist, sort of a secular traditionalist, certainly an HBDist, and also into political philosophy. Anybody got any ideas as to where I should be included?


  1. I have never understood the need to place everyone into their own little ideological pigeonhole. It always seemed like a progressive tactic to me, a prelude to class warfare. "These are the people we like, and the others are the people we don't like. We will tell the first group to vote for us so we can protect them from the evil people in the second group." I am not on the map either, unless there is a dot that says "Renegade."

  2. Ex-Army goes in the Top Left, under the category ECCHI.