Thursday, October 27, 2016

Guest Post by Michael P. Tremoglie

We're being bamboozled, folks. We're being led to believe that there are all sorts of fundamental defects in Trump, while Hillary is somehow squeaky-clean. It is to laugh. The reverse is closer to the truth. Everybody's confusion on this basic fact is attributable to a cooperative effort on the part of the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) and of course the Crooked Hillary Cabal (or maybe "Coven"). We are going to Hell in a handbasket, and Hillary is promising to speed up the process. Trump says he'll reverse course. And as for the notion that Hillary is more corrupt and blameworthy than Trump could ever hope to be, here we have a nice summary supporting that:

Michael P. Tremoglie wrote:

Defend Trump? I want you to defend Hillary. Did Trump laugh about getting a rapist off? No Hillary did. Did Trump lie to the families of the victims of Benghazi? No. Hillary did. Did Trump lie about classified information? No. Hillary did. Did Trump accept bribes? No, Hillary did. Did Trump peddle influence? No, Hillary did. Did Trump take underwear tax deductions? No, Hillary did. Did Trump intimidate women who were sexual assault victims? No, Hillary did. Did Trump call Catholics and Evangelicals Severely Backwards?No, her top lieutenants did! Does Trump support the procedure in the picture below? No, but Hillary does. Anybody who feels Trump needs defending is a sucker who is being played by the propaganda shell game of the mainstream media, the DNC, and the GOP establishment.
Ex-Army here: I'll add to that, "Does Trump want to touch off a war with Russia by imposing a no-fly zone over Syria? No, but Hillary does."

Quibcag: This is actually a re-use. The girl is from Lucky Star (らき☆すた RakiSuta).


  1. people here are voting for hillary.
    they are intelligent but are believing what they see on teevee.

  2. Can't be that intellegent if they beleive the TV indoctrination.