Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cabbages and Kings, Popes and Presidents

Somebody commented in the midst of all this vulgar language from Trump brouhaha that we're voting for a president, not for a pope [link].  But that got me to thinking. If, somehow, Trump doesn't get elected as president, I'll be glad to kick off a Trump for Pope campaign.

Trump reminds many of us of past presidents — Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, Polk — who were unapologetically patriotic and pro-American, as opposed to the internationalist/globalist gang we've had in office at least since LBJ, with no exception save maybe Reagan.  Trump is hated for his good points — the pro-American part, and when the Dems and establishment Reps complain about his other characteristics, they don't really care about them, all they care about is that he might abort their One World/Open Borders scheme.

And of course he'd make a better Pope than Francis. Just about anybody would. Previous popes actually cheered on military action against Muslims by Christians, as opposed to inviting them in to take over Europe without firing a shot.

I could imagine Pope Donald I working with Putin to arrange a Crusade, couldn't you?

So now we get to Trump's "vulgar" language and disrespect for women. Actually, that's how the lefties like to phrase it, implying that Trump made a blanket statement about all women instead of referring to specific women. It's a verbal tactic. It's like saying something nasty about Mao, and then being described as showing disrespect for Chinese people. Trump's opinion of Rosie doesn't tell us what his attitude toward women in general is, but it's hard to imagine it being worse than Bill Clinton's, or JFK's... or LBJ's. You can go on and on. And even if his attitude was really bad, it's a matter of talking dirty, not a matter of alleged rape, as in Slick Willy's case.
Cartoon by Baloo [link]

Has our society become so girly-ized that men have to pretend to be horrified at what is universal male locker-room talk? Fact: no males are horrified. Zero. We don't care about what Trump said. We care about not having a nuclear war with Russia, and such a war seems to be on Hillary's bucket list, from the way she's been talking. And if she's elected, she doesn't even have to talk Bill into it this time, like she did with Serbia, she can just order the bombing.

And, of course, an alpha male like Putin is just asking for it, right?

Here are some responses to the "He said p*ssy!" scandal:

Scott Adams:
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Quibcag: Hard to find anime bears. Here's a little one, with Shampoo of Ranma ½ (らんま½)  for decoration. And the cartoon is by Baloo, who insists that this isn't about how women in general decide who to vote for, it's just about this particular woman.

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  1. giving women the vote was a pretty funny joke, a long time ago.