Sunday, October 2, 2016

A little bit of Africa right here in North Carolina

If you've been paying only a bit of attention, you might be under the impression that American Blacks are "protesting" the unwarranted shooting of Black men by White cops. That's pretty much what the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) would have you believe.

Well, no.

They're not protesting, they're rioting. And as often as not, the shootings they claim to be upset about were completely warranted, and are very often Black cops shooting Blacks, or Black civilians shooting each other, or something else that has nothing to do with behavior by Whites.

But the rioters don't care, of course. They're just having fun rioting and looting, and really don't think about "facts" the way most of us do.

American Blacks live in a dream world, largely constructed for them by White liberals, who seem to be happy to wallow in guilt for the supposed sins of their ancestors, and to encourage other Whites to do likewise.

Fred Reed comes along to ask what we should do about this — enforce the law (a terrifying thought for liberals, who pretty much have decided that Blacks should never be punished for anything), keep the races apart (heresy to a liberal, who wants more Whites raped and murdered because of the guilt thing again), or just go on like this till the whole country falls apart. We can't expect a solution from the Blacks themselves, because they seem both too happy with the current situation and too unintelligent to see that it can't just keep going on this way. This is from:

Undocumented Shopping: Legacy of an African President

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  1. We need to define our terms. Stop calling them "blacks" or "African Americans". You can apply that term to responsible, respectable blacks - but not to the niggers that are rioting, looting and mugging and shooting and raping and assaulting.

    Once you understand this the answer to dealing with them is simple. Niggers are motivated by Obamaphones, free shit and a chance at national fame from 15 seconds in the news. Do like the Koreans did in the Rodney King riots in the 90's: shoot a few. The rest will run. Niggers are predatory cowards that only attack if there is safety in numbers. The correct response to dead niggers is not 'Black Lives Matter' - it's a yawn and a shrug.

    We could be done with those morons tomorrow. Real blacks and African Americans need to step up.