Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Stronger Together"

No sooner do I point out here [link] that Hillary's slogan, "Stronger Together," could easily be interpreted as a fascist slogan by the dominant media (but never will, as they're too busy screeching "Hitler!" at Trump) I find out that it's also the title of the second episode of Supergirl.

Now, me, I don't find either Supergirl or Hillary very "fascist." Supergirl is just a nice do-gooder and Hillary is basically just a crook. Actual fascists have principles. Make of that what you will:

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  1. Apart from being incredibly stupid, "Supergirl" is non-stop P.C. propaganda. I've seen it a few times, but that was as much as I could stand. Melissa Benoist is a cute chick but that only goes so far.

    Naturally, Supergirl has a black boyfriend. She also has a white beta male orbiter who serves as her errand boy.

    In her secret identity, she has a female boss who definitely did NOT win ownership of the company in a divorce settlement.

    As Supergirl, she works for a government agency and has a black boss who is secretly a green Martian. On Mars, his race of green Martians was almost completely exterminated by evil white Martians: are we getting the analogy yet?

    Supergirl's adoptive sister is a kick-ass combat soldier who goes into battle without a helmet and with her hair swinging all over the place.