Monday, September 12, 2016

Not a Fan

Nor should he be. The Filipino president should put Filipinos first. The US President should put Americans first, We haven't had such a president for 55 years. I suppose we're going to get one here soon. Do let's try for it.

And how and why is it any business of  Obama'a how The Philippines governs itself?

The Philippines is one of those lucky countries, like Russia, that has a tough president who puts his country and people first.

The below is from Al Perez, who refuses to forget the atrocity of our gvt supplying arms to Mexican drug dealers.

President Duterte of the Philippines tore into President Obama, calling him a patang ina (your mother's a whore, 
son of a whore, son of a bitch) and threatening to swear at him. Considering that putang ina mo is considered about the worst cuss in Tagalog one wonders what other imprecations President Duterte has in mind and where this would lead (click click of the men opening and closing balisongs, the snicks of BO puling out 
a golock while RD draws his barong, perhaps both men also pulling out 
barongs to go at it with a blade in each hand, a squaring off of a master 
of Pencak Silat versus a master of Kali.).

This goes back to Mr. Obama suggesting that Mr. Duterte was violating the human rights of drug dealers and users by turning vigilantes loose to kill them.
Apparently some 2,000 druggies have been killed at the behest of RD during his time in office as Mayor of Davao City and now as President of the Phillipines. RD feels BO has no right to criticize him in this matter, that to do so is an insult to Filipino sovereignty and a reassertion of American imperialism in his country.

As much as I disapprove of vigilantism and the trashing o the rights of the accused 
anywhere I tend to agree with RD. However my reason is different. How dare the President
during whose administration the US Government provided at least 2000 guns to 
gangs fighting a turf war in Mexico that killed thousands, whose home town is 
turning into the US's murder capital as drug dealing gangs fight for control of territory
to sell their wares criticize a man who is acting to end his nation's drug gangs?
Please remember that these are not hippies forced to sell drugs illegally because 
"the Man won't let them sell drugs legally. These are ruthless killers who turned to selling 
drugs illegally because it was the most profitable criminal enterprise around and who cheerfully
expand their enterprises with taking hostages for ransom, protection racketeering, murder for
hire, etc..
More on the rambunctious Duterte here [link].
I feel no urge to call Mr. Obama a putang ina mo or threaten to curse at him. But I might just call
him a hypocrite for criticizing how Mr. Duterte deals with drug criminals.
Quibcag girl is from here

And there she is in motion.

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