Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lisa Versus Tom

You know what we've got here, don't you? Lisa Simpson versus Tom Sawyer. A Lisa Simpson who has 68 years worth of "d'oh"s behind her, with predictable temperamental results. She hates those who disagree with her, thinks knowing wonky stuff is leadership, despises the White Male, etc. etc. Just look at the pathetic geek she picked for VP.  She should, of course, have picked Jim Webb, but equally surely, she hates that White Man down to his toenails. Hell, Trump should have picked Jim Webb.

Trump, OTOH, will govern like Tom Sawyer. He'll see the big picture, let subordinates deal with details, draw everybody into his orbit and get the job done. Since most Americans agree with his goals and methods already, it'll be a piece of cake. (Bart stands in for Tom.)

One guy said he was voting for Trump for one simple reason. He's far less likely than Lisa Hillary to get us into war in the MidEast or maybe even thermonuclear war with Russia. Listen to them both and decide what you think about that.

And then think about the Wisdom of the Quibcag. Let's not blow our chance, people. We have an actual creative, smart guy running, AND he puts America First. What a concept.
Quibcag: I know. Not really a quibcag.

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  1. Hillary wants you all to know its just not FAIR to not let these invaders have a better life. She's just hoping you don't realize the better life they want is yours.