Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kawai Banzai!

We just added a bunch to the distribution list, so here's a fresh post that is relatively innocuous. The new slogans are: "No more Mr. Bad Guy," and maybe "flirt with Nanking." And in tribute to Mr. Miyagi, "little trees!" Anyhow, I'd be more attracted by the ladies in the quibcag, but the cartoon is obviously for the preteen set, and they're probably more into the parrot. Here's the article:

The Japanese Military Is Getting Offensively Cute

By Jonathan GadApril 13, 2015 | 2:00 pm

Earlier this month, Japan's Ministry of Defense rolled out a nearly 20-minute-long cartoon as part of a public relations offensive to explain the country's military to the public. Although it might seem odd, it makes sense when you consider the fact that Japanese military is in a unique position in the world: the country isn't actually allowed to even have a military.

What Japan has instead is the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF). While possessing all the trappings of a military, including a powerful air force and a respectable navy, the JSDF is constitutionally barred from operating on foreign soil, and is technically considered a constabulary.

Article 9 of the Japanese constitution, which was drafted by victorious Americans after World War II, explicitly renounces war and the use of military force — or even the threat of force — "forever." But in 1950, only three years after the constitution was enacted, the withdrawal of American troops from Japan to fight in the Korean War left the island nation without a means of defending itself from foreign invasion, so a hastily assembled National Police Reserve was put together with surplus US Army equipment. By 1954, the police reserve had evolved into the JSDF.
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Thanks to Dmitri Chernov [link] for sending this in.

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  1. hehe, the Japs may have lost that war but they will rise again, sure as the sun.

    A hundred years from now you'll have Europe in charge again, in cooperation with Russia, and in treaty with Japanese Asia. America and China will be colonies again. Nature taking its course can't be re-routed for long.