Thursday, September 15, 2016


I think I'm about as sick as Hillary, and I'm not considering running for anything. I'd be a fool to. She's a fool to. And that's beside the fact that virtually all her "policies" are batsh*t crazy.

One of the main purposes of this blog is to get everybody to read Steve Sailers' blog, and for newbies, I'd like to point out that the "War on Noticing" is a long-time Steve concept. It refers to the shrill hatred you get from the left when you notice obvious things, like, the more Muslim immigrants a nation accepts, the more Muslim terrorism it endures. Or, Blacks are on the average more crime-inclined and less intelligent than Whites are.  Hillary just denounced a quarter of Americans for noticing such things, calling them all sorts of names. BTW, do notice the numbers in Steve's article below on how many Hillary supporters seem to have noticed the same things.

Do check Steve out every morning, folks. I do.

And now the main article:

Sick and Tirade

It has been a fun week for everybody (except Hillary Clinton) since my last column began by asking:
If Donald Trump were as bad as she says, shouldn’t Hillary drop out so a better candidate could beat him?
After noting her two coughing breakdowns on Labor Day, I inquired: 
If Hillary announced she were withdrawing due to her health, who would replace her?
Since then, of course, Hillary decided to let us know what she thinks of roughly a quarter of American citizens: 
The “basket of deplorables”…racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it…offensive, hateful, mean-spirited…irredeemable.
Then on Sunday, Mrs. Clinton physically collapsed.
How did I know this would happen?
Well, I didn’t.
It was, however, obvious from just looking at her that Hillary’s health for quite some time has been deteriorating faster than the normal aging process. I don’t know what her malady or maladies might be, but whatever they are, they certainly seem serious enough that I feel sorry for her. 
By the way, that’s a major reason so few of her supporters will attend her rallies. Hillary can’t round up a healthy crowd to listen to her orate because advancing decrepitude is depressing, and people don’t want to be around it. (That’s one reason you want to have family rather than just friends. No matter how popular you were in your prime, nobody will want to be around you while you are dying; but one or two of your blood relatives might at least show up.)
It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that if at the 9/11 memorial there hadn’t been a lone bystander with a videophone who alertly recorded Hillary’s alarming breakdown, we would still be getting lectured by the respectable press about how concerns over the Democratic nominee’s health are “conspiracy theories.”


  1. Maybe Steve should read my stuff. I knew she would pull the Hillary Kiri back in June.

    1. He might read some of mine. Comment a lot, with such links.