Saturday, September 24, 2016

American and Personal Greatness

Guest post by Jeff Odgis

A short note on American and personal greatness: 

It is the Current Year, and I never thought so many people would share my vision to make America Great Again! Although I have to admit I know I'm not the only one who has that vision; I'm certainly not the best-known. I always felt since littlest that America and I were being held back. I confirmed it over and over again over the years, and did what I could to protest and work around it, mostly by absenting myself from The System. Participation, like silence, I reasoned, is consent. 

In spite of this I have been an active and engaged voter from my earliest opportunity to register. I've been playing catch-up the whole time with what really mattered to me versus what the politicians were offering. I have not sought to aim as high as I might have sooner in life because the realization dawned on me (prematurely in fact) that oftentimes outsized personal efforts to rise above one's initial station in life are no longer well-rewarded or even well-regarded by many established interests, one of which has been notably the state*. Under a Trump presidency, I feel that I could see conscious affirmative assent to be governed as a true positive for the first time as an adult (I was a Reagan baby.) 

I've always loved America. This is not to say I've found a sudden love of government. Rather, a government which has the stated purpose of allowing my country and me to be great is the kind I'd find myself most agreeable to coordinating efforts with. To pursue Happiness always seemed to imply a freedom to be great in addition to being good. But in the Current Year, it seems to be necessary to explicitly state and demand it as well. 

Such [is] libertarian nationalism, my political philosophy, and the significance of the Trump campaign and hopefully presidency in my life. The time is now. The place is here. Let's Make America Great Again, and all grow and profit from it personally! 

Jeff Odgis is an American and sometimes IT worker who has strongly-held views about the world around him.

*Some more than others (and I came to find out later the Federal Government as well.)
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