Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Little People, a Silly People — Greedy, Barbarous, and Cruel People

This all started with my reprint of, and commentary on, Sean Gabb's essay on Islam here [link]. Still very much worth reading. Here are the more relevant comments it got:

This is idiocy! I don't know where to begin on refuting it, so I won't. In fact, it is so idiotic I thought, initially, it was a joke. The only thing that has an element of truth to it is the part at the end dealing with mass third world imigration and our elites who brought this on us.

Anon, you have to be more specific here. If you're simply outraged that anybody would say anything good about Islam, do say so. I find it full of virtue in contrast to other cultures in Africa, India, the Pacific, etc.. That said, I want zero Muslim immigration to the West, because the West is vastly superior to Islam.

I think the real problem is less the fact that the "immigrant" invaders are not like us, but that our so-called "rulers" are not like us. These people in Washington are either traitors or enemies, what is certain is they are not like us and do not like us. They can either leave or be removed. They have no perceivable ability or skill at managing a government. In fact, I wouldn't trust any of these goofs to manage a Taco Bell. The clock is running out for them, and they had better not miss the Last Helicopter out of Saigon.

Not meaning to be disrespectful, I actually don't really fill the need to be more specific because we all should know what islam is by now. (Yes I use a small i for islam on purpose.) But having said that I will add the following: islam is a cancer on the world. Whatever virtue you and Mr. Gabb find in it is meaningless. I can't imagine the world not being better off without islam* , and I mean better off in a very large way. I find it disheartening to the extreme that, fifteen years after 9-11, we are still dealing with happy talk about islam. islam is not a peaceful religion. It has no meaningful virtue. It is a totalitarian ideological belief system that is a weapon used against the non-islamic peoples of the world. islam is a form of mental prison for its adherents and a nightmare for the rest of the world. We are up against an implacable and diabolical foe, and giving their barbaric "religion" any legitimacy is a mistake.

*I agree, because in a world without Islam, its place would probably be taken by a form of Christianity, which I also agree, is superior to Islam. — Ex-Army

So there it is, I don't have anything good to say about islam. Take it as you want.
Of course Islam has virtue. It's just standing too close to a religion with better virtue — Christianity — for it to be apparent. A great many things that Christianity has done in the Third World, for example, Islam has also done:

1. Ban cannibalism.
2. Ban polygyny — in a limited way, in Islam's case, holding men down to a maximum of four wives in most cases, if I hear right.
3. Come up with a generally acceptable legal system compatible with the religion. Note: I don't like it and you don't like it, but Sharia is better than the chaos of, say, most African legal systems, which aren't legal systems in the Western sense at all, but just a formalization of corruption and tribalism.
4. The establishment of universalism. Anybody can join. Again, a mixed blessing, but better than a religion which rejects outsiders.
5. Ban lots of obnoxious practices that, we take for granted in Christendom, damn well ought to be banned.
6. The rejection of many forms of superstition in Africa, etc.
7. Replace animism.
8. Establish the idea of an objective morality.

What I've failed to do so far is to follow rule A. When asked is something is good or bad or whether it is virtuous or not, one should not answe ther yes or no, but ask the question:

"Compared with what?"

And compared with Christianity, Islam fails in every respect.  Some would say that Islam is more sincere and serious in its purposes, but that's just a current decision of its followers, not something intrinsic about the religion itself.

But compared with, say, traditional African religion [link], or animism [link], it's clear that Islam has lots of superiorities we've been taking for granted. And if you'll grant me the option of searching through time as well as space, surely we'd all prefer to live in present-day Turkey than pre-Columbian America or the ancient Middle East, where human beings were sacrificed routinely and enthusiastically.

All of that, is it a good thing about Islam? Of course. Does Christianity compare even better? Of course.

And, as Sean said in the original piece, the problem isn't that Ahmed Whaever (to pick a generic) is a Muslim but that he builds bombs and/firearms and tries to kill us. Why he does this is a little more complex than the fact that he regards himself a Muslim. There are also racial and cultural components in his thinking. We are foreign to him in so many ways, of course, and while we're encouraged to purge ourselves of any aversion we might have to "the other," he certainly isn't, and the very odor of our food might lead to our demise.

Interestingly, over 40 years ago, Jean Raspail wrote about a similar invasion of the West, in The Camp of the Saints. Read about it here [link] buy it here [link].

But he was writing about Hindus, who didn't intend to destroy the West,  (and insofar as some of them might feel that way, they were much less efficient and systematic with their violence) but who simply overwhelmed it by their numbers, clogging its arteries, so to speak. It was Raspail's worst nightmare, in a sense.

And the reality is of course worse than his worst nightmare, because we have everything he warned us about, plus the constant threat of violence.
Again, having said all that in defense of Islam, I repeat that I want, as Sean seems to do, zero immigration of Islam into the West, precisely because it is both inferior to and incompatible with Christianity. The fact that, say, Voodoo might be worse is not relevant to that position.

Yes, zero. Not because Islam has zero virtue, but because in all issues, Christianity has more and better virtue..Why give a slot to a Muslim when a Christian is waiting? Why give a slot to someone who just might, down deep inside, think that the Statue of Liberty needs blowing up when you can give it to someone whose chances of thinking so are extremely slim?

Another analogy: Bears have virtue, I'm sure, somewhere in the food chain/ecology, and if you didn't have any you'd have a problem. But as far as you're concerned your dog has more virtue, what with being your pal and all. So you want your bear in the woods, doing what he does, and your dog in the back yard. You do not want the bear in your back yard, and might go so far as to vote for a politician who promises to get him out of there, as opposed to a politician who promises more and better bears in your yard and you're an arktosaphobe if you object. However, you'd be right to beware of a politician who considers bears to be the source of all evil and wants them wiped off the face of the earth, while ignoring the threat of rattlesnakes and Black Lives Matter.

What? You want another analogy? Okay, just the one and then off to bed with you....

Mush. It'll keep you alive, enough calories, etc. But boy, does it get old quick. Boring and everything. Pizza is much more tasty. Pepperoni and sausage, yum! So don't order in a plate of mush, even with a nice salad. You'll regret it. Order yourself a nice pizza with everything (not the same thing as diversity) instead. Don't chew, eschew the dubious delights of mush (Islam) in favor of the actual flavor of pizza (Christianity).

So here's how I feel about Islam versus Christianity:

Christianity: Deeper and more meaningful than Islam in every way. Islam's main virtue in the public square (not in my mind) is that it's in a position to bash Christianity for all the usual reasons. Its main virtue in my mind is that it apes Christianity in certain ways and in certain places such that it improves the behavior of certain human groups — for example, headhunters. You could say that Islam is a weak imitation of Christianity perhaps prepared for a little people, a silly people — greedy, barbarous, and cruel people.

And I haven't even got started with Judaism.
Quibcag: Pretty sure these girls in the first are from Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā), and from the second, we have those rascally girls of K-On! (けいおん! Keion!).

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  1. I'll never say any religion has no right to exist, but its a question of proximity. Considering how hostile Muslims are to us and our whole way of life, I prefer them to live in another Hemisphere from me. They can happily continue their 8th Century lifestyles on the other side of the Earth.
    I expect some of them will say there is nothing I can do about it. Believe me, this is a mistake they may not be able to repeat successfully.