Wednesday, August 31, 2016

When you take power, you should intimidate other countries, but why wait till the last minute?

Overheard at the meeting between Trump and Mexican President Nieto:

"This is a nice capital city you've got here. It's HUGE. Some say it's the biggest city in the world... It would be a shame if somebody nuked it."

"You don't own any race horses, do you, Enrique? No? Racing dogs? No? Any of those cockfighting roosters? No? Your kids have any pets?....

"You know, Enrique, technically it's illegal to cross the Rio Grande without permission. Sure, you knew that. So it would be illegal even if I crossed it. Also, did you know that it was illegal for Julius Caesar to cross the Rubicon?

"No, Enrique, I'm a collector of political memorabilia — I assure you, the "Polk for President" button doesn't mean a thing."

"In a spirit of international cooperation, I'm sure you'll be glad to join me in banning those Absolut Vodka ads...."

"When I make an offer once, I never make it again. Now, about that wall...."

That was all just for fun. Why, I can't figure out whether the Rubicon's counterpart is the Rio Grande or the Potomac. And I'm sure that the Spanish language is far easier to learn than Gaulish was. For that matter, the Gaulish warriors were far more formidable than the Mexican Army. See? All kinds of differences.

The below was found on Reddit, by "Anonymous":

People keep comparing Trump to Hitler (we've all seen this low-energy BS by now), but they should be comparing him to Julius Caesar (the first literal God-Emperor of the Roman Empire). Allow me to explain.

In the Roman republic, there were two political parties. One was called the Populares (literally: "the populists"), and represented the desires of the common citizens. The other party was called the Optimates (literally: "the best"), and represented Patricians and Equestrians (read: the political elite/establishment).

During Caesar's ascendancy, he was a leader among the Populares, propelled by his military successes in Gaul (the dude seriously annihilated barbarians). Cato, meanwhile, was a major voice for the Optimates, and is respected to this day for his excellent rhetoric and political professionalism.

Caesar branded Cato as an effeminate sexual degenerate (i.e. cuck), and Cato branded Caesar as a despot whose personal successes were irrelevant to the leadership of Rome (sound familiar?). Caesar won the election and the consulate (the Roman presidency).

You can read about the rest elsewhere, but Caesar turned out to be such a strong leader that he ushered in the "Pax Romana" (peace through Roman strength) for the next several centuries. Many "barbarian nations" (including modern day Germany and Russia) took his name (pronounced "Kie-sar" in classical latin, think "Kaiser") as their word for a king or a leader. In short, he made Rome great again despite his rivals going so far as to assassinate him.

He did make one big mistake though — he built a bridge over the Rhine. Once the Rhine was no longer an effective barrier to population movement (not necessarily due to Caesar's bridge, though his was the first), eastern European barbarians could move freely into Europe. Some 400-500 years later, their free movement into Western Europe led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

If only the Rhine had been ten feet deeper...

Smart men (like Trump) learn from the mistakes of others.

Hail Caesar.
Quibcag: The bottom half was found, as is, on Reddit. The quote above was enhanced by a chibi picture Athena (war and wisdom) found on Pinterest.


  1. You might consider not using the term "barbarians" to refer to the Germanic tribes that tried to hold the European line against the Semitic & Negroid peoples who immigrated into Rome near the end of the latter empire. Without those "barbarians" (whom (((historians have never forgiven))), London would've had its first Muslim mayor in 516 AD instead of 2016 AD.

  2. Like you I was less than satisfied with Trump's visit/speech to Mexico. He should have pointed out the double standards, such as Alan Wall has - or that infamous illegal immigration comic book.
    BTW, according to VDARE, Baloo is there - but not really.
    They 'hotlinked' a 'toon, they should know better than to do that.

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  4. I think that there is no reason at this time for Trump to be too antagoinstic toward Nieto. He needs to say "listen, help me control this immigration problem and I will help you crush all of those monopolistic a-holes who are exploiting your people. You know, like the owner of the New York Times."

    Nieto has already passed reforms that are hurting Carlos Slim, and is trying to do the same to other plutocrats. Trump needs to make clear that they are the enemy and that he is trying to save both countries from them.

  5. Yeah this was all good political theater, but talking to Mexico's President is like talking to the manager of your local Taco Bell. That guy has no say in these things. Sure he needs those pesos rolling in from illegals in El Norte, but Goldman Sachs and the UN aren't really going to invite him to be a part of the next Big Trade Fiasco.
    Hillary is doing well. She only looks to be about a thousand years old and reanimated yesterday. But she almost made a comment they could edit to sound coherent, so that's better than when she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the debate. Those adult diapers could be a game changer. I imagine they'll be pretty gamey smelling for Huma when she has to change them.
    Lets see how many GOP goofs call Trump a racist this time. Anyone have a guess? Jeb Bush hasn't chimed since nobody clapped, but Romney has nothing else to do.