Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Twain Don't Really Meet

My kids, wife, and I have all been in various martial arts classes over the years and they almost always sooner or later got into something about "destroying the ego" or a variation on that. And it's always weird-sounding to the Western ear. What does it mean exactly? True, the part about the ego is usually perfunctory and ignored, but it's not trivial. A lot of Oriental religions/philosophies are about ego-extinguishing, but you don't find it much in the West — and while we're at it, yes, I use "Oriental" to describe the culture of the Far East (China, Korea, Japan). It makes more sense than "Asian," and they're perfectly free to call me "Occidental" all they like.

Oh, I have great respect for Oriental egolessness, because it seems to work just fine. But as you'll see, most Occidental thinking is based on that very real ego, and, given our history, very well should be.

Jack Donovan doesn't see it that way. He think egos should be kept, not destroyed. He embraces the Western mode of thought, one of the purest manifestations of which is the Old Faith, Odinism.  I've reproduced this from his site here, and there are videos and podcasts there, so you should probably go there to read the original.

All Training is Sacrifice – STW Episode #18

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