Monday, August 22, 2016

The Trumpslide Cometh

Stream-of-consciousness post coming up, folks, don't say I didn't warn you.

First, I'm in the hospital again, with various geezery maladies, all of which were predictable and perfectly natural.

And I'm five days younger than Trump and look at him go! Seriously, 70 is an age around which some of us are just fine, seemingly, while others of us — me and both Clintons — look a little rocky. Is that why HIllary is sort of hiding out? She doesn't seem any healthier than I do to me, and I wouldn't trust myself with any more authority than maybe the Mayorship of a small town of ten thousand at the most.

Second, I used this illustration of Trump as Captain America some time back and some comic-book aficionado/Hillary supporter went absolutely ballistic about it, because he considered Trump to be "literally Hydra" or something of the sort. Comic book people can take their comic books way too seriously sometimes. Actually, a lot of the time. The comics world, and I include Marvel and DC in this, seems to be the same PC world that we find on television and in way too many other fictive media. So I use it again, really just to annoy him and his kind, and to demonstrate that if Spider-Man can fist-bump with Obama, all things are possible. But to the point:

I've thought instinctively for some time now that Trump is going to win in a landslide. I base this on nothing more that my own feelings. But Scott Adams is more scientific by far about such matters than I and he thinks Trump will win in a landslide. Here's his interview with Stephan Molyneuz which I first came across at The Anonymous Conservativee:


  1. Trump will beat the Hildebeast like a rug.

  2. Yes. Trump will win, precisely the way they want it.

    Trump is not what most think he is.

    Hillary is, by far, the most evil. Exactly the way the entire thing has been orchestrated.

    Either way, the jew wins.

    And America gets screwed.

    1. The old "blame the Jews" shtick. Gotta respect the classics.

      In truth, I know the Jews don't run America, because if they honestly did, we wouldn't be trillions in the hole.

    2. If the Jews ran this country, would we be trillions in debt?

      I think not.

  3. Get well soon!

    I will post pictures of anime nurses in fetish poses, because that is as close as I come to offering medical advice!

    1. I found them. They are appreciated :)