Friday, August 26, 2016

Om Mani Padme Political Correctnesss

John Craig, right again as usual. How about the below? You can't argue with it once you give it some thought — Political Correctness is a religion, any way you look at it, so we might as well use the fact when we can. But how? Most PCites are, frankly, too damn dumb to know what you mean when you tell them they have a religion. They'll just tell you they don't and that you're a bigot. Maybe the thing to do is go through the courts, and somehow establish that PCism is a religion. You could even, like John suggests, prove that it's a religion because it insists on believing in the equality of men and women despite heaps of scientific evidence to the contrary, just like other irrational religions require of their followers.

Of course, PCism, like so many religions, isn't taken seriously by its own leaders — the PC Pope is an atheist, that sort of thing — but that doesn't make it any less of a religion. PCism was put together in order to further an alliance of anti-Western things that have often been called communism or Marxism. None of that stuff has any intrinsic importance to anybody. All elements of it are judged by their usefulness in the struggle to destroy Western Civilization. Right now, PCism is defending both homosexuality and Islam, despite the fact that they pretty much hate each other, because both is a good weapon against PCism's true enemy, Western Civilization. And I have strayed from the point yet again.

This is from Just Not Said [link].

The new religion

Christianity's hold on the West has been weakening for generations now.

But a new religion seems to have taken its place: political correctness. This religion espouses the essentially supernatural belief that there are no significant differences between men and women, or between the races. It preaches that biological reality has nothing to do with gender. And it sermonizes that examining statistical differences between various groups of people makes someone evil.

In this new religion, Satan has been more of less replaced by an entire group of people: white males. All social evils must be ascribed to that group.

Throughout history, most people have just gone along with the religion they're raised in, because it's instilled in them from an early age that this is what decent people believe. If you disbelieve, you go to hell. And even if you don't entirely buy into the concept of an afterlife, well, why take the chance? Even more importantly, veering from your religious roots would result in social ostracism. And for most people, that is a sort of hell.

An awful lot of people seem to subscribe to political correctness for essentially the same reasons. They have been taught that this is the mindset that decent people have. People who stray from the PC fold are essentially demonized with labels like "racist" and "sexist" and "ageist" and so on.

These terms are flung about with the same combination of horror and shock and prim disapproval that earlier generations flung about the terms "godless" and "heathen" and "harlot" and "fallen woman" and "bastard."

And, voicing doubts about PC-ism might result in becoming a social -- and sometimes, even professional -- outcast.

So, politically correct types dare not allow themselves to see the obvious. If any contrary thought does creep into their heads ("hmm, after all this talk of racism, maybe our diversity isn't our strength") it is quickly banished.

Most people view other religions, but not their own, as a bunch of silly superstitions. For instance, the idea of getting 72 virgins in Paradise is often mocked by Westerners. But, what, precisely, does Christianity's concept of heaven entail? It's generally unspecified, but for most people, well, limitless sex might be an appealing part of the package.

Likewise with PC-ism: it is regarded by its adherents as the one true way. It is other belief systems which are silly superstitions. Any scientific findings that contradict PC-ism, no matter how well-documented and rigorously proven, are quickly labelled "pseudoscientific" by PC-ites -- because there is no room for doubt in any religion.

The only thing different about PC-ism as a religion is that it prides itself on not being one.

Make no mistake: it is.
Quibcag: Nun is Maria Takayama from Haganai (はがない).

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  1. Humanism is a cult. Its founders are Marx, Boas, Stephen J. Gould and several sociology "scientists" who came up with lunatic concepts like The Panopticon, which is just Big Brother Watching You, and "positive racism" AKA Affirmative Action which is just discrimination against Whites and people who know better.
    PC or "political correctness" is just Communism or "Cultural Marxism" which enforces a lunatic narrative to intimidate political opponents who oppose Communism. Its not an argument, its a threat. These inferior imbeciles only understand force. Savages and intellectuals share the same mental deficits of magical thinking, physical intimidation and irrational attractions to groupthink and mob rule.