Sunday, August 7, 2016

More on Future History and "the Trumpening'

Captain Anastasiya Mstislavevna Zharkova of the USS Enterprise 1701F:
This is all very interesting, Ensign. Tell me more about how "the Trumpening" led to the formation of the Federation. 

Ensign Marjorie Lou Poteet of the USS Enterprise 1701F

Certainly, Captain. I have the relevant Galactopedia article right here:

The Trumpening began in 2017 when Donald Trump took office as President of the United States of America. He immediately denounced globalism and adopted a policy of "economic and political nationalism." Such policies had already been adopted by some European nations, such as Austria, Switzerland,  Hungary, and of course, Russia. Also, the "Brexit" vote in Britain the year before to leave the European Union was a harbinger of a pivot from globalism to nationalism that would sweep the world, and lead to, in Trump's phrase:

Unity in diversity -- not diversity within nations, but of nations, which should remain comparatively homogenous and keep their own special character. A set of such nation-states can play to their own special strengths without changing their own inner character, and when working together will form a much more powerful force than a bunch of "hodgepodge of folks" countries, as my frankly incompetent predecessor, Obama, liked to say. To put it in terms that everybody will understand, my kids finally talked me into watching The Avengers, and now I see their point. Those superheroes differed wildly from one another but could still work together towards a goal. If  they'd all tried to be alike - each one wanting to have a bow and arrows, each one wanting a big hammer, etc. - they would probably have formed a much weaker force. And, by the way, to those out there who compare me to Lex Luthor, I'm really much more the Tony Stark type, obviously.

But the departure of the American economic powerhouse from the globalist establishment. caused a cascade of nations to abandon the globalist system and manage its own economic and political affairs.

When, afterhe murders of 38 priests and the wounding of 78 priests, along with the murders of  43 nuns, monks, and laypeople, and the wounding of 107 of the same by a Somali suicide bomber, Pope Francis reacted to the atrocity with a call for "a greater understanding of our Muslim brothers and sisters and their noble faith," it was the straw that broke the camel's back. In an unprecedented  move, the retired Pope Benedict XVI declared himself Pope, not once again, but all along, and his retirement an "unfortunate human error" and the result of "the inherent weakness of human flesh to which we all, popes and kings and saints alike, are heir to." He went on to declare that "A pope can no more 'retire' from the papacy than a father of a family can legitimately 'retire' from fatherhood... I have been Pope since my first election and through my erroneous 'retirement.' An unfortunate victim of these circumstances which are no fault of his, is Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio. At this point, I beg his forgiveness and understanding, and implore him to resume his cardinalcy quietly and unobtrusively, the only alternative being his declaration as antipope, which wouldl break my heart and the hearts of others who love him dearly." 

The clergy and laity both being publicly expressive of their approval of Benedict's actions, Francis humbly  (and wisely, many said) acquiesced and resumed his duties as Cardinal.

In America, President Trump reacted: "Benedict XVI is a good man. He gets it. This isn't a struggle against Muslims, it's a struggle against Islam. Islam cannot be allowed to become a significant presence in the West. It must be stopped now. I understand that and so does the Pope.

Unfortunately, only five months after resuming his papacy, Benedict died of natural causes on December 28, 2017. A conclave was assembled, which, after only five votes, elected Raymond Leo Burke, of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, to be Pope. He took the name Benedict XVII, and quietly and without fanfare declared Francis to be, "due  to no fault of his own, but as a result of human frailty, antipope."

The Reconquest of Byzantium
The President of France, Marion Jeanne Caroline Maréchal-Le Pen, led France into an alliance with Turkey. Her negotiations with Turkish President, Necmettin Bilal Erdoğan began in 2030 and mainly dealt with two issues. Immigration into Europe and the security of the Turkish state's border on the south and east. In exchange for the latter, Turkey was prepared to seriously consider the former.


  1. Pope Francis is not deluded or wrong. He knows what he's doing. Like all traitors from Judas to Benedict Arnold, he has a reason for the treason. What that reason is can be debated, but it doesn't really matter. What matters is it cannot be Faith in God. There is no reason from Catholicism or Christianity to explain his continued siding with globalists and Muslims. It is not a Religious Faith that moves him. How anyone can acknowledge a Pope who does not act from Faith is the real question.

  2. Speaking of Star Trek, you may have heard there is going to be a new TV series.
    It's true. Color me underwhemlmed. The (current) series name is Star Trek: Discovery will be set in the “Prime Universe” (so in the timeline of the original shows, not the J.J. Abrams reboot films), about a decade before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission..
    In Trek fandom the different TV series' are know by a three-letter acronym: TOS (Shatner, ect), TAS (the cartoon version), TNG (next gen.), DS9 and so on. Unless they change the name, this one will be remembered as STD (yikes!). What's worse, they're aware of that:
    On how much Star Trek will push the content envelope since it won’t be constrained by broadcast standards: “Well there’s a reason we call it S.T.D.,” he said, mocking the show’s initials.
    Exact quote, I swear.

  3. Alternative history is always cool.