Friday, August 26, 2016


It still  blows my mind that the term "Alt-right" was used by Hillary. Such conservative ideas/vocabulary are usually completely ignored by the likes of Hillary for decades if not forever.

But now it's out so we have to define it. Easy enough. First, it's short for "alternative right."  It's what I used to call the real right, because the alt-right is a Keeper of the Flame, a collection of real right-wingers of one sort or another whose main purpose is to keep the right going and convince people that the "neoconservatives" are most certainly not conservatives in any sense at all, but just a species of liberal.

Hillary, of course, considerers only neocons to be legitimate, because they're liberals, of her sort, even. The sort who always seem to be connected on Wall Street, and have been for some time.

Well, that's a definition, and "Disdain for Plebs" [link], has this to say about the implication:
#AltRightMeans  not having to constantly negotiate with liberals on your values when it comes to culture and race, because to them you are a racist for merely being born white. It means you understand your "white privilege" is not a privilege, but a birthright handed down by your ancestors who sought to make your life easier through thier own hard work and determination. It means not having to surrender your communities to third world migrants, because this president wants to stack the deck with Democrat voters. It means not aligning yourself with a Republican party which is happy to sell this nation to the highest corporate bidder that seeks to flood our neighborhoods with cheap South American labor. A Republican party who wants to bomb the Middle East back to the neolithic era, causing more irreversible migratory patterns. A Republican party who would rather side with a corrupt career criminal like Hillary Clinton, instead of Trump, merely because he tells everybody the unfortunate reality of our political and social environment as Americans. It means understanding liberty and freedom can sometimes only be preserved through strength, not tolerance.

The fact we're even having this discussion, the #AltRightMeans white Westerners are actually becoming racially aware in the same manner liberals encourage every other race to be, and have shamed themselves out of doing for the past 3 or 4 generations. the #AltRightMeans there is an actual difference now, between the leftwing and the rightwing. It means through the ashes of a dead party built on apathy and cowardice, an alternative is finally born. One that actually believes in self preservation, and not self destruction. I can say with confidence, the alt right means there is finally hope for a future which we've all convinced ourself has been massacred by both parties.

Ain't the Alt Right grand? The first time I heard the term I automatically knew that I was a part of it, as were most of those thinkers I most respected — Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, Paul Gottfried, Joseph Sobran, etc. — the very sort of people who are both likely to be "purged" by the neocons and very unlikely to purge anybody themselves. 

But don't get the impression that the altrighters (I'm still searching for the optimum way to write the term) are all pussycats like Jared Taylor or most of the writers at Takimag — do remember that it also includes/included practically everybody we think of as conservative prior to 1968, such as Goldwater, George Lincoln Rockwell, the Klan, and Buckley before the neocons took control of him.

And it certainly includes Ex-Army. Pussycat or tiger? Time will tell.
Quibcag: this is meant to suggest handing down birthrights, of course. But Gintama and Kagura aren't father and daughter, though they look like they are. They're from Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama, lit. "Silver Soul").


  1. As you may have noticed, Vox Day has written quite a bit about the alt-right recently His latest post sums it up quite nicely:
    Erickson is only one of many conservatives who don't understand that the Alt-Right doesn't give a damn about their sacred Constitution, their 10 Kirkean principles, their small government ideology that can't get rid of a single federal agency, their immigration amnesties, and their conservatism that hasn't conserved so much as women's bathrooms. We don't want positions at their think tanks, two-minute guest slots on Fox News, or book contracts from Thomas Nelson and Regnery for tedious my-eyes-glaze-over tomes with a picture of the author and an American flag on the cover.
    Boldface mine. And of those, think about it, what government programs or agencies have shrunk or been eliminated altogether under any GOP Presidency or Congress? Including Saint Ronald of Reagan. Dept. of Education? Reagan pledged to kill it off, not only didn't he do it, but it grew during his tenure! Plus added ''The office of drug control policy'' (AKA the ''drug czar'') which merely duplicated what the FDA and DEA were already doing - plus became a 'gold watch' for various GOP bureaucrats, first Bush I - while still Veep, mind you and he used as a campaign office for his '88 run. Then he used it as a consolation prize first for Bill Bennet so he could replace him as the (not eliminated) Secretary of Education then for former FL Gov. Bob Martinez, who was voted out after one term, because, he was just plain awful. Even compared to his predecessor Bob Graham and his successor Lawton Chiles, who were both Democrats! Did government shrink under Bush I? Nope, his signature bill signing was the Americans With Disabilities Act. Which, while well-intentioned (ain't they all?) has been a nightmare for businesses from Globo-corp inc. to little restaurants struggling to keep the doors open. Did it shrink when the GOP took control of congress? Nope, Clinton called their bluff, and they folded.
    After Clinton? Government grew much faster under Bush the lesser, Dept. of Homeland Security, TSA, ''bridges to nowhere'' (a bloated 'highway bill'), and the most famous example, from then Veep Cheney ''deficits don't matter'' - and now they whine about how bad they are with 0bama!
    ''tedious my-eyes-glaze-over tomes with a picture of the author and an American flag on the cover.''
    Seen any of those books? Mostly ghost-written compilations from talk radio monologues. And they are dreary - all of them. Yes, even Ann Coulter's books are tiresome.

  2. BTW, I'm not that surprised. She's taken a page out of her husband's playbook.
    Remember all those ''black church burnings'' that the MSM were touting 20 years ago? Complete with lurid descriptions of the Klan rampaging around burning churches left and right.
    Mind you, the Klan was pretty much defunct by then, even David Duke admitted that. After Bill beat the old, tired ''I'm Bob Dole!'' \/!@gra salesman, the Dept. of Justice did investigate those - and did so honestly. Guess what they found? The majority of them weren't arson! Gas leaks, lightning, IOW, 'natural causes'. Some even torched by the African pastor as insurance scams. The only arsons connected to each other were a dozen by some teenage self-proclaimed satanists.
    Plus, the Lizard Queen needs a distraction, her track record is terrible (even compared to Bill) and those health issues just won't seem to go away - if anything, she's become Bob Dole!

  3. Buckley was an intelligence asset (CIA) sent in to redirect and mind the conservative movement: two of his early moves were to discredit and marginalize the John Birch Society; the other was to lessen and marginalize the fight against the Communists in the U.S. government: undermine McCarthy and his followers: "too coarse and not one of us". Hell, his magazine was filled with former Communists - James Burnham, et. al.
    The Klan is one of the militant wings of the Democratic party.

  4. I grew up in John Birch society area. It was basically WASP and very nice. I kind of had a glimpse of Old American Values, and it was a really nice world.