Monday, August 29, 2016

A Queasy Quibcag Quarrel

Well, what do you think? — I am again sort of under siege — mostly in the kindest way — by those who say the anime is a bad idea. For example:

Your posts are spot on! Then you spoil them with anime photos.
It prevents me from sharing them.

And not so kind:

Yeah, very f*cking clever using the anime renders to promote alt right quotes. Good f*cking job making us look like a bunch of fedora wearing degenerates.

But then I get:

Generally, I like Ex-Army's quibcags. If nothing else they are evidence that not *everyone* in the alt-right has a stick shoved up his arse.


The pictures are eye-catching and anyone who says "Gasp! Anime! To the gas chamber!" isn't important because they have already rejected the Left.

So which way do I jump? If I was convinced that the anime is a net loss in the quibcags, I'd drop it right away, of course, because I can make memes along with the best of them with or without illustrations.

Here's what I could do:

1. Drop the anime.

2. Do an anime and a non-anime version, as I've done here. A lot of trouble. Probably too much trouble.

3. Use different, more serious, illustrations on the memes. I originally rejected this path because I found it boring and very much not eye-catching.

Keep that in mind while I ramble. We have this:

Which is creepy, no two ways about it. Maybe these critics know more about the anime world than I do. Outside the anime world, do they sell Disney princess pillowcases? If they do, that's creepy, too. Maybe even more so because they'd be aimed at a younger demographic. Of maybe not.

Anyhow, the "degenerate" label keeps coming up. Clearly, according to a natural modification of Sturgeon's Law, X percentage of any popular art form is going to be "degenerate," or soon will be, right? And I've seen degenerate anime. Plenty of it. But I've also seen Miyazaki's movies and lots of anime that is upbeat. Take Detective Conan [link]. A great example of Japanese adoption of the American noir-ish detective story which is anything but degenerate, being more like a modern adaptation of medieval knightly stories of chivalry and morality than anything else.

Going a little further with this, do the critics want these quotes not illustrated at all, or just not illustrated with anime? Western cartoons can't be used (much) because of copyright, but if they could be, would that be all right?

And if the Japanese themselves find anime yukky, what's with all this Pokémon stuff?  What's with whole stores full of anime products?

But whether they or I understand best what anime means to people is beside the point. The point is, do quibcags work better or worse than regular memes? If worse, how can I mess with the memes I do to make them more attractive without the illustrations? Actually I think I basically have above, in the nonanime versions, because I've been more creative with colors and fonts.

So do chime in. Anime or not anime, which would you choose?

Oh. An offer. I'll be glad to do a non-anime version of any particular quibcag if anybody wants it for circulation or any other purposes. Just say the word.

But do let me know where you stand.
Alert! Vulture of Critique reacts at length to this post:


  1. Keep the anime. Makes 'em more eye-catching.
    Maybe they don't like it because they masturbate to it ;)

  2. I say keep the anime. With YIH, I believe it makes it more eye catching as well as flat out FUN. I fully do not understand why a still of an anime figure could possible prevent anyone from sharing your meme. I love em!

  3. Personally, I don't like Anime. But, I think you should keep your Quibcags with the Anime. It makes your quibcags original and unique: your own expression of art. Anyway, it's not like it's such a big deal for people to type up or make their own artwork by typing the quibcag text into their own paint program.

  4. I've always liked the anime but I don' really share anything on social media.

  5. Keep doing what yer doing. Equating anime with hentai is like equating movies with porn flicks. Idiots ...

    I like anime as the Japanese aren't bound by political correctness and it shows in their 'toons. I generally dislike the vast majority of our post 1960 'toons as they're so wimpy, bland and "inoffensive".

    Man ... For the good ole days of Looney Toons ...

  6. I never understood the attraction to anime, but I chalk it up to personal preferences.

    As for the content of your blog, I don't always agree (nor do many agree with me all the time, if ever), but I like your style and I think you are genuine.

    I can dig other people's opinion/thoughts as long as I think they mean it and aren't intentionally misleading.

  7. I first noticed your blog because of the Anime toons and have since become a regular visitor. The toons are amusing and often right on point. Keep them coming.

  8. Do what you like to do. I'm not much into Anime except for the classic stuff like Astro Boy. The Anime I think of as your signature and your mark.

    Btw, Akira Himekawa author of Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy) and other classics was heavily influenced by Max Fleischer of Betty Boop, Popeye and Superman fame. Tetsuwan Atom and Betty Boop do have a strong resemblance.

  9. I like your anime. I especially like it in view of the criticism from leftists that it is cultural appropriation.

  10. You know as well as I do that when you piss off a liberal, you've got to be doing something right.

  11. Anime, definitely.

    If you're taking flak, you're over the target. So the saying goes... and it DOES show you're getting attention.

    (Just ignore all those holes in the fuselage. ;) )

  12. I,like Bob,first noticed your blog because of the Anime toons which I saw reprinted on other pages and had to check out your site. I have since become a regular visitor. The toons are amusing and often right on point. Keep them coming.

  13. Your campfire, your rules Baloo.

    But - since Ya asked - I would cut it back a bit. Some of them seem to creepy and lend a pedo tone to the blog. It puts me off a bit.... Which may be a good thing because it keeps guys like me from crapping in the comments! HAR HAR HAR!

    1. The pedo remark is apropos. I do have to be careful to select illustrations that don't give that vibe out, which is difficult, as the boundary is somewhat different in Japanese culture.

  14. non-anime = dull / not eye-catching

  15. The anime-haters are arguing for a good claim, but with an invalid argument. Yes, it is true that Ex-Army could publish better propaganda if he could use non-anime visuals. (E.g. ancient Roman statues, pre-Raphaelites) No, the anime-haters do not have a logical argument about why they hate anime.

    Any artistic material will have some haters.

    It all comes down to a question of what crowd you want to attract. Ex-Army is doing this as a public service. He will never make money on this. If you want the vast majority of Yankee cops on your side, you can't use any art that Yankee cops will hate. If you want the vast majority of Ozzie bogans on your side, you can't use any art that Ozzie bogans will hate.

    The hard problem is that we are not a village, we are not a meat-space community. We are folks on the Internet, and it's hard to tell which commenters are true neighbors, which commenters are unpaid trolls, and which commenters are government-paid shills.

    If you let commenters and linkers drive your blog policy, you will rapidly grow to hate the chore of updating your blog.

    The pedo smear is bull. If I had a stronger stomach I would post about real degenerates who commit actual violence against real children, and point out the lack of a connection to anime.

    But suppose Ex-Army were to switch to photos of hawt white nationalist chicks. The haters would claim all white nationalists have prison records. Suppose you switch to pictures of Roman statues. The haters would claim that all the Romans were rapists. Suppose you switch to pre-Raphaelite art. The haters would claim the pre-Raphaelites were all much addicted to unnatural vice.

    Some artists are easier to accuse than others. If you accuse W. S.Burroughs of sex with underaged persons, you are probably correct. So don't use W. S. B. as an icon for your political movement, unless you're trying to brand yourself as a party of degenerates.

    But all artists can be accused of vice, and even abstaining from art altogether won't save you from being accused of vice.

  16. Keep 'em. Animu grills are proven to rustle SJW jimmies.

  17. Anime is cool. You seem to only use obscure stuff though. I suppose its for copyright reasons or something. The Japanese have always believed in monoracial and monocultural living. They get a bad rap for siding with the Axis during WWII, but considering the winners were the Commies and it made Eastern Europe live half a Century behind the Iron Curtain, that so-called "good" War didn't turn out well for us.
    You can see the non-PC themes in anime too. There are no real taboos or sacred cows they won't puncture or ridicule there.

  18. Obscure? It's coincidental if I do... I search for stuff that fits the quote somehow.