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When is an Immigrant Not an Immigrant? — When he's a....

Never accept the enemy's narrative. Never. As soon as you do that, you lose, no matter how cleverly you argue within the bounds of that narrative, you're still trapped in it, and the conclusion will always be victory for the enemy. It seems clever to point out that Black Lives Matter are the real racists, but what you're doing is accepting the concept of "racism" and, by using it yourself, validating the enemy's use of it. Once you've used the word yourself, you can no longer argue that the concept is invalid, which it certainly is. Just think back to all the accusations of racism you've heard over the last week, and how many are completely idiotic, no matter how you define "racism."

But it's hard not to accept the enemy's narrative, because we're constantly soaked in it. Katie Boundary recently set me straight, pointing out that I've been accepting the enemy's use of the word "immigrant," to mean something totally different than it traditionally has meant.

An "immigrant" is a person who moves to another country with the intention of becoming an organic part of it, learning the language and converting to an acceptable religion and learning and following all the rules and folkways as well as he can manage. We've all heard the stories of Italian immigrants carefully avoiding speaking Italian in the presence of their kids, so the kids will grow up 100% American. In that era, immigrants largely felt that they were here on trial, so to speak, and took every opportunity to blend in and become more American than the Americans. And it worked.  Americans of Italian, German, Polish, etc. heritage are as American as the Brit-Americans who formed the original stock, and most of them wouldn't even know where their ancestors came from if it weren't for their surnames.

But as Katie says above, most of what we're getting now aren't immigrants, but colonists — People who come here to live but not to become American, any more than the Mayflower bunch came here to become Wampanoags. Disclaimer: some immigrants do come here to become Americans, okay? The point is that a higher and higher percentage come here as colonists. Mexicans continue to be Mexicans in every way, and many learn English not to "assimilate" but because not knowing it would be an inconvenience. This applies to Muslims even more, as their very religion implies a fundamental disagreement with American principles and folkways. If they want to live here and remain Muslim, they''re noting more than an extension or colony of Dar al-Islam into Dar al-Kharb. They have this sort of thing all figured out [link].

As near as I can tell, the only true immigrants we get these days, that fit the definition and are not colonists, are Europeans of Christian extraction. And that sounds like a good rule. Allow in the kind of people most likely to be immigrants instead of colonists.

Now, before you jump all over me, I have nothing at all against people who want to remain Muslim or Mexican or Duchy of Grand Fenwick-ian. I simply advise them to live in countries already set up to accommodate Muslims or Mexicans or whatever. And that doesn't include the United States.

The world is full of wonderful, diverse countries, you see. That's "diverse" meaning different from one another, not internally diverse. There's a country out there for practically everybody, and, conveniently, most people tend to be born in the right country in the first place.

Now, there are nations without states, defining nations as big tribes with a commonality of blood, religion, heritage, etc., but with some exceptions, most are small and might not make viable countries if they did have a state. One thinks of Gypsies AKA Romany AKA Rom first of all, as a nation that has a tradition of living in other nation's states, and probably wouldn't be a viable country anyway, given their history.

The United States alone contains several Indian nations that are not viable states, probably, and are most likely better off as  sub-nations within ours. Even after shedding most of the Soviet possessions, Russia, much like the United States, contains many small nationalities, from the Caucasus to Eastern Siberia. Spain and France contain the Basque nation which might make a viable country, but probably not, And every now and then a country that everybody thought was a single nation busts up, like Slovakia and the Czech Republic And just look at India. You could break that up into at least 22 countries on the basis of language alone.

So I'm going to try very hard not to use the terms "immigration" or "immigrants" unless I'm sure that's what I mean. People who fit the definition of it above are really no problem at all for anybody, as Katie writes. But most of the people we're talking about and reading about are really colonists, who don't want to become American or German or French or whatever, but who simply want to live in advanced countries and take advantage of their higher standard of living and government freebies — plus more freebies in the form of handouts from churches and other self-destructive organizations. You can recognize such colonists by their tendency to keep their native languages, their habit of rioting while waving the flags of their native countries, and their practice of forming their own neighborhoods and keeping other people out. And, of course, their constant demand for special accommodations at taxpayers' expense for their religion, marriage customs, sartorial rules, languages, etc. And their constant agitation to let more of their countrymen in, legally or illegally, and to legalize the illegals who are already here.

So let's remember the difference between immigrants and colonists. Thanks, Katie!
Quibcags: I give up on the first one. I can't remember for the life of me where I got the illustration, but I picked it because it looks like a gang of raucous conquistadores, and it looks like there's a female in the middle. Number two is illustrated by a girl from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!) , cosplaying as a politician. Extra credit for translating what's on her podium. For number three I reverted to girls from Hetalia: Axis Powers (Axis Powers ヘタリア), and used yet another version of the same for number four. These girl mascots are in their military uniforms, ready to invade somebody.

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  1. Kudzu, Fire Ants, Africanized Honeybees, Zebra Mussels all failed to assimilate.
    There's worse - these can destroy an ecosystem. Invasive varieties of Humans will either destroy a culture and society or require much violence to control, repel, deport, or eliminate them. Is it not better to help them stay in their homelands? If Mexico is not so nice, why not return the immigrants with sufficient arms to overthrow the corrupt government and impose the US Constitution in Mexico City, so that the magic proposition can be lived out in Mexico. Where is Jorge Washington who will take on king Jorge? Instead of importing the people, export both the "proposition" and weapons.