Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Understanding Trump

First this from good old Bob Wallace [link], and then I'll chime in:

I'll Admit I Don't Understand Trump

I understand Hillary. She shows sociopathic traits: greed, the desire for power - and most especially the pathological lying.

But Trump? It's clear he's trying to portray himself as working-class, what with the baseball-type hat. So why does he want to be President? Certainly not the money, being he's a multibillionaire. And he needs no attention. He's got plenty of that - he had his own TV show.

He's loud and obnoxious. But he does appear to be a patriot, at least in his own mind and certainly in the minds of tens of millions of people. And he does appear to appreciate and feel gratitude for his luck, for being an American.

I always keep in mind something the late Gore Vidal about the ruling class, which he knew intimately. He said their contempt for the American people was immense. He also said his father held politicians in utter contempt.

Hillary clearly holds the average person in contempt. Trump, on the other hand, said cab drivers yelled hello from their cabs.

I guess when it comes down to it Trump wants everyone to love him. He wants to be the Daddy King - to protect and provide.

But Hillary? Not so much. Or maybe not at all.
Ex-Army reacts:

Me, now, at least to some extent, I think I do understand Trump, and I think Bob Wallace does, too — He's just not as sure of his evaluation of Trump as he is of his evaluation of Hillary. Maybe it's age. I'm five days younger than Trump, and Bob, I believe, is about a decade younger. So I of course understand that 1946 cohort especially well — Trump, Slick Willy, Bob Vila, Sylvester Stallone, Dubya Bush, Chuck Hagel, Dennis Kucinich, Влади́мир Во́льфович Эйдельште́йн, that bunch.

Okay, I'm kidding a little bit. But I certainly do understand Slick Willy. Same age, same socio-economic background, both rednecks. With a tad less personal integrity, I might have turned out like him. And Hillary, sure. Bob has her number.  She's just a year younger than me, and back in the sixties, her type was everywhere. Sociopathic, sure. Feminist, you bet. Arrogant, and the beneficiary of one version of Affirmative Action or another her whole pathetic, cringe-inducing life. All the downside of Lisa Simpson with none of the upside. Totally charmless, in contrast to Bill — She's been riding his charm forever now. Not that she doesn't have her own followers, but it's kind of a demographically limited bunch (see illustration, above) and the vast majority of those who really believe in her are a decade or so too young to vote, alas.

But yes, I think — and hope — that I understand Trump. Again, we're of an age. He grew up wealthy, though, and there probably wasn't much chance of his getting drafted for Vietnam, because of his wealth and the fact that his dad — and I'm purely guessing, here — probably had influence and was sophisticated enough to keep him out of the draft without being obvious about it. Poor Slick Willy, on the other hand, had to lie and cheat and pull tricks to stay out of the service. Dumb old me, I just went in and joined a couple of days after my 22nd birthday. Glad I did now, of course. And I really think, or have an instinct, at least, that there's a vague guilt to Trump that he didn't serve in Vietnam, maybe on a subconscious lever, much like John Wayne had about WW II. That led Wayne to be rather more of a patriot than other guys his age, and maybe it worked the same way with Trump. He did go to military school, after all, so he's pretty much aware of what he missed.

So I think Bob has it right. Trump likes being an American. He's proud of it. He thinks of himself as a hard-working guy, and feels a connection with the Joe Sixpacks and Archie Bunkers out there. Hillary, on the other hand, along with Bill, thinks of actual Americans with contempt, and can hardly wait to replace them all with immigrants colonists from all over the world, nonWhites and nonChristians especially, who will be more worshipful of them and their kind.

All right, I believe I have it properly thought through now. Hillary, and Bill too, of course (they come in a set, like Boris and Natasha), weren't born to the elite — Hillary upper-middle class, I think you could say, and Bill more trailer-park — but have been lying, cheating, and stealing to claw their way into it for decades. And they have succeeded. They are there. You know you're in the elite when Wall Street pays you a quarter mil for half an hour of blather about nothing much at all. But with elites like that, who needs enemies? [link]

Trump, on the other hand, was born into the elite but he seems to have always wanted to transcend the elite as it is now. I'm sure he recognizes that our American elite has been hostile to the actual American people for quite some time now. It was a slow process, but somewhere in between the Presidencies of Teddy Roosevelt and Slick Willy, the elite lost its mission of leading the American people and feels that it has the responsibility to lecture and demean us. In that respect, Trump is a throwback, and that, I think, is why we keep comparing him to Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson, members of the elite back when the elite were leading us instead of sneering at us.

Trump knows we don't need someone to lecture us about our racism and bigotry and other leftist buzz words. He thinks we're pretty darn good people, and he wants to lead us to where we want to go. Best chance we've had to vote for an unequivocal patriot since Reagan. Easiest voting booth choice I've ever had to make.
Quibcag: Not sure who the Trump girl is. I found her on one of those Trump girl sites. The other graphics I've accumulated over time.

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  1. Donald Trump is Ross Perot II. Like Perot he shot his mouth off, and desperate Americans saw some hope in a World full of liars and whores. Trump always makes a Big Show of throwing his hat in the ring. Mostly people just laugh it off, and he gets some free publicity. But he said the magic word, immigration, and suddenly Little Jebbie and the whole Bush League crashed and burned like the Hindenburg. Trumps way too proud to drop out now. The Stupid Party of Lincoln is changing all the rules to stop his nomination. At that point those Dead Elephants and RINOs will be as dead as Lincoln. I expect some putz like Ryan, Romney or even Little Jebbie to be nominated. Maybe they can take in Hamilton on Broadway before they die. The plays the thing, that will blow off the dumb head of these idiots.