Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trump as Zen Master, v. Run-Amok Hillary

The Democrats are saying the craziest goddam things lately, throwing all the mud they can find at Trump, hoping that some of it will stick. They really don't have a leg to stand on, because Hillary's past and personality are too well-known to be hidden. "You can fool all the people some of the time," etc. So they're mostly playing word-assiciation games, like:

Trump: "It's awfully hot out today."

NY Times headline: "Trump admits global warming, contradicts his previous statements."

Trump at restaurant: "I'll have a burger and fries... On second thought, I'll have the onion rings instead."

CNN Evening News: "Another serious flip-flop by Trump. Can this man be trusted with nuclear weapons?

And so forth.

The fact about Trump is that he's brilliant, savvy, very good at managing conflict and finding solutions, and, from all indications, an American patriot who thinks the American government should first serve the American people. We know his motivations, which are good, and there's zero evidence that he's unstable in any way. On the contrary, considering his lifetime activities, if he had any tendency to be unstable, it would have manifested many times since then.

Over at Just Not Said [link], John Craig goes a little deeper into this:

Who is temperamentally unfit to be President?

The Democratic line is that Trump is temperamentally unfit to be President, since he has responded to political attacks with personal insults. It's true that he's said some rash things that he would have been better off not saying.

Commenting on Carly Fiorina's looks was un-Presidential; and saying that Megan Kelly was bleeding from "her wherever" was an unfortunate choice of words. Saying that John McCain was not a war hero was simply not true.

But the central conceit of the Democrats that Trump, because he has a sharp tongue, is as likely to lob a nuclear bomb as an insult, is ludicrous. Does anyone really think that he can't tell the difference?

Contrast Trump's behavior to Hillary's. According to several accounts, Hillary would actually claw at her husband's face, punch him, and throw things at him during her tantrums. When a Secret Service man said good morning to her, she replied, "Fuck off!" This was evidently typical of her behavior toward the law enforcement assigned to guard her.

Which is more indicative of a personality temperamentally unsuited to the Presidency -- hurling insults, or hurling ashtrays?
Me, I'll go with the insult guy. And in related matters, John Craig also wrote:

Which is a scary title indeed.
Quibcag: Illustrated with Sensei of , who looks insane, if not with fury. And if anybody doesn't believe that the quote came from the flaming liberal (in most ways) Piers Morgan, here's his tweet:

Trump makes a funny, obvious joke about Russia going after Hillary's emails & U.S. media goes insane with fury. He plays them so easily....

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