Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump and Treason

Now, if you've been around any time at all you're well aware that Democrats don't really give a flying whatever about treason or traitors. Most of them think Jane Fonda was heroic to sit on the communist Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun to have her picture taken. Commit an actual act of treason and you can count on their love and support.

So it's ludicrous for any of them, however stupid, to interpret Trump's sarcastic gag about the Russians trying to find Hillary's missing e-mails as some kind of treason. Of course he was referring to the fact that they already, allegedly, have them, because they already of course hacked them, so of course there's no way even an idiot could think he was asking them to hack something they'd already hacked. And what else was he "asking" the Russians to do? Right. Turn them over to the FBI. That might be treasonous in the medieval sense as being disloyal to the person of the Royal Hillary, but not even dubious in any real sense.

And of course the Democrat pimps who are making the accusations are very well aware of this, but they hope to fool voters with the accusations and hope they don't pry any further. And a lot of Democrat voters, being rather less than a full set of anything, will probably be fooled and remain fooled.
From Wiktionary:
disingenuous ‎(comparative more disingenuoussuperlative most disingenuous)
  1. Not noble; unbecoming true honor or dignitymeanunworthy; fake or deceptive.
  2. Not ingenuous; not frank or open; uncandid; unworthily or meanly artful [quotations ▼]
  3. Assuming a pose of naïveté to make a point or for deception.  [quotations ▼]

Notice below that even the New York Times joins the disingenuousness parade, in aid of getting the Hildebeest elected.

Here's what Steve Sailer [link] says about it all:


  1. It is rather a common thread that Democrats support anything that is anti America.

  2. the dems say trump is treasonous for 'encouraging' russia in re the emails of hillary, since they are confidential gov't. papers.
    why then do they stand behind hillary when she says the emails were all private, about such things as her daughter's wedding?
    either the emails were gov't business or they were not.
    cannot have it both ways--unless you are a democrat.

  3. "Democrat"---such a short word to enclose so many meanings: traitor, coward, hyena's dingleberry, fool, incompetent, criminal. If the United States were a human being, the Democratic Party would be a bone-rotting, brain-destroying venereal disease, causing the genitalia to swell up, turn green, glow in the dark and fall off. They are the taint in the blood. They are the thorn in the foot. They are the worm in the apple. They have the Midas touch in reverse---everything they touch turns to shit.